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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by muddywater, Sep 18, 2012.

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    I have attached a pic of a little design I have been thinking about. I in a quandry about the red fixtures. I think they are needed because of the ledge that will block the fixtures from the ground. What would you do? Would you mount them to the stucco and then try to run the wire on top of the white ledge? Any comments on the design?

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    I would downlight instead of uplight, using about 60% fewer fixtures on the home and move that infrastructure to the landscape instead. You end up with a softer, more subtle effect spread over a much larger area. This showcases your talent and depth more and will help to make the home not look like every other 'McMansion' that gets a lighting treatment.
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    Muddy: Are those floodlights in the middle of the lawn?
  4. emby

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    Just my opinion but this is what I would do....
    I would try to down light the walk way for safety and this will also splash onto the plantings below (FMW).Then proceed to illuminate the Jap maple with at least three up lights 20 watt bab 60's just under drip line(and prune that puppy to make it look really good) and one hanging fixture within the canopy to illuminate the trunk stucture and tie it to the ground. This will provide some interest when approaching and will allow the home owner to view from within the house through the windows.
    The tree on the right side garden and right side of house I would illuminate to create balance.
    Because you zoomed in with your camera it appears that you have some trees along the driveway? I would hit them with below grade fixtures and make them pop.

    Just my initial thoughts when budget does not matter and I have know idea what the homeowner's priorities are. Oh and get rid of those lawnmower hazzards in the middle of the lawn. BLINDING GLARE BOMBS


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