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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by pete scalia, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. pete scalia

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    Anybody else get the brilliant idea to buy a bulk # of small LED flashlights and have your business name and website info printed on them to give away to prospects and customers? Maybe add some half baked slogan. Might especially be good for the kids to fool with. What's your thought on this, do premiums work? I read about the law of reciprocity in my marketing books. You give someone something and they feel obligated to give you something in return.
  2. JoeyD

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    I like this idea if you have the marketing budget for it. I say go for it. Useable tools like that will be welcomed gifts and you may be remembered for that.
  3. irrig8r

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    I found a website that does that along with pens, pocketknives and other tsotchkes (sp?)

    I was ready to move on it but got distracted with other priorities... you could do a mock up on their site of how your name or logo appeared on the item.

    Anyway, what I did about 10 years ago was a few hundred of some pretty cheap ballpoint pens as business cards. Strange thing is that some people kept them for a long time... and some called me from the phone number on them years later.

    If I did pens again I would do something with a little better quality...

    Can't remember the name of the outfit where I looked at the pens and flashlights right now though... any suggestions?
  4. Pro-Scapes

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    chuck link did mini mag lites... I still got mine from a few years ago.

    If you do something I would go with something that sticks around. Gambino did calanders last year and I still got mine hanging here from him. Kinda stays in your face thru the year. Bet it wouldnt cost much more to do an 18mo one as well or even a 2 year one.

    Oscar Welch also did some really nice tumbler cups with an ebrodered patch in it. Really nice it has become one of my favorite go to cups for iced tea. Looks slick enough even some high end clients would be happy to have em floating around. Keeps Welch creative lighting on my mind when I use it.

    I think the last thing you would want is something that would get tossed out. If you do pens do some nice comfy grip ones. People tend to hang on to thoes. Also keychain lights seem to be popular as well. We had fridge magnets made with our business cards to hand out to clients but they were crappy quality and dont stick well. I am having foil stickers made with our info also to put on the controlscapes timers and transformers.

    At the spring parade homecomming i am going to have about 500 frisbees made up and toss them out to the crowds and about 100 shirts. People go nuts for freebies.
  5. Mike M

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    Longevity of the item is good for advertising, but I think the point Pete is making is different than advertising. Give someone something, and people have an inherent inclination to give you something back.

    One of my landscaping customers owns an edible arrangements franchise. I purchased a $75 item and had it delivered to the girls at the sales office of my community, to thank them for lawn referrals. One just stopped me in my truck the other day and gave me a lighting referral.

    There are also companies that will make your logo into a cookie and deliver an arrangement. Who in hell doesn't like cookies???? Won't last long, but if someone gets cookies from you, they will remember the experience.
  6. pete scalia

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  7. pete scalia

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    see above in red
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    We gave away pens that light up with our name and phone number on them. Everyone really liked them.

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