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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by jslawnscape, Jul 6, 2010.

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    K fellas heres the deal, I am mainly a landscape maintenance contractor, Mowing, Mulch, Bushes, Landscape Installs. Good customer/friend of mine wanted me to put lights in, and wow believe it or not an outdoor stereo system. And all this work came from a simple trim my bushes and mulch estimate. Anyways I am curious if anyone has any base prices of what they charge for landscape lighting, per hour or per job. 12 walk lights 5 up lights transformer 150-200ft of total wire length. Im not looking for how this is a great profession and you can do this and do that Im looking for answers. If you don't feel like you can reveal your prices to the WORLD WIDE WEB bc maybe a home owner may see what you charge then please by all means feel free to email me
    Thanks for your time.
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  2. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    If you want a quote then you would have to supply a whole lot more information than you are giving us.

    As a ball park; on a 17 fixture, single zone, suburban installation, with no obstacles to the installation I would figure on a $6 to $7 thousand dollar price tag. But hey, that is me... and I assure you that the work we do is head's and tails above average and the materials we use are top tier as well.
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    We could probably do it for quite a bit less, but we're in a different situation than a lot of contractors. I'll say $3,652.71...just a guess though. However.....I would like to point out that I don't think in all the years of doing this that we've been able to do a 17 fixture project and only use 150-200ft of wire! That's pretty amazing.
  4. steveparrott

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    Could be 4.5K to 6.5K, depending on the market.
  5. RLI Electric

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    Are you doing the speakers too? Wall mount or Stereostones? Volume controller outdoors or in? These have huge price differentials as well. All the questions are annoying I know but imperative in arriving at a ballpark price.
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    Hi JS,

    Please do not think that I am being negative here but I really find it surprising that with your current business operations you cannot calculate this on your own.
    Trying to help you will be very hard for us, since we have not visited the site to reveiw the scope of work that has or will be performed.
    This forum is very helpful when discussions are about design and engineering of professional low voltage landscape lighting projects. There has not been a lot of discussion about pricing because every project is different.
    For you to move forward I am pretty sure you can calculate your time and material to produce an invoice for your customer.
    Sorry brother but your asking a very difficult question.

  7. jslawnscape

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    As to the only using 150-200 ft of wire I guess the way I should have put that was if you started at transformer and went from transformer to the last light it would be 150ft-200ft, now that you said that I would say I used more wire, lets put it this way it was under 500ft bc I still have some left, I also ran lines for futre lighting. Bc of the lenth (horse shoe shape around pool) I split the walklights half on one line and half on another line, going to the same circuit though. Then I ran a separte line for my up lights, for any reason it gives the customer the option of turning one or the other on or off. And Im not 100% on this but I believe it also allows the option to run a variation of voltages to the two different variety of fixtures. Well I know for a fact it allows for this voltage variation but Im not sure it is intended to be that way. Does anyone run their wires in conduit? The only place I did run conduit was from the transformer(which was mounted outside same level as pool service box) to the ground to clean up the apperance of the wires running up the post and into the transformer. I did not, and didn't feel need to, it was direct burial wire with Blazing Direct burial connectors. We are installing the landscape and using decorative stone for "mulch". All wires were ran in locations not allowing any digging (eg, along foundation, along concrete for pool, under fence rail.

    As to the speaker job, I am installing 3 pairs of outdoor speakers no not speaker stones I personally think they look cheap, chincy, half assish. If plants or objects were available to hide them I may have considered them but we are mounting on fence and other solid locations, a reciever indoors w wireless Ipod Dock, a speaker selector indoors, and 3 volume controls outside mounted at 3 sitting areas to allow for complete control of the outside music per zone.

    Thanks to everyones input I realize that it is tough to price a job even with a picture let alone words. I am just trying to feel the lighting world out, I am sure there is a market for it in my area. I have many colleagues that do hardscape and landscape and most of them reply, "no I don't mess with that" when referring to lighting. In my head I wonder why not. I'm getting sick of listening to these people and there cheap prices quoted from other contracters on certain services, many of my clients don't care they say just bill me. As far as taking on new customers though I am trying to get out of the cheap market and focus on something that makes more money requiring less work(no Im not lazy work smarter not harder, work less get paid more). But the market is probably smaller in size but considerably less saturated with contractors than many other service industry in this area.
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    Do yourself and your client a very big favor and bring in a sub who knows something about light. Knowing what to charge won't make it a competently installed job. There are some really good Landscape Lighting people in the Rochester area. Check with AOLP for references.


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