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Lighting problem???

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So a few weeks ago I was removing some plants for my future mother-in-law (first mistake). About the same time some of their lights close to where I was digging go out. (I'm blamed) So I have traced the line all along where I removed the plants and have not even found a nic. (I did not install the lighting and don't know much about it) The line was 4 to 6 inches from where I was using a shovel. Do you guys have any other Ideas on what could be the problem? Could the blubs burned out. (there are just 2 lights that are not working). Is it possile to have a fuse or breaker in the line? The lights are FX. They appear to be linked to a light in a water fountain that is still working along wiht 2 or 3 other lights. Thanks for the help..



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So. Cal
Kinda like working on a car, start small and work your way to the bigger issue. SO, got a volt meter? if ya don't you got to go buy one. Since you're going to be at the store, pick up the exact same bulbs housed in the fixtures. And while you are there, pick up some water proof nuts just in case you have to splice the line and if you don't have anything to splice the line, pick up some strippers. Now you have everything you need. Turn the system on and check to see if you getting a read on your newly acquired Volt Meter. You are? perfect, now replace the bulb. Repeat procedure for the second light. What you say? no read at second light? Dig up the line and look for nics, breaks or abrasions. Oh there it is a break in the line. Whip out your newly purchased strippers, cut the line strip it and splice together with your newly purchased water proof wire nuts in size 12-18. Oh before you splice turn the juice off, little blue sparks are cool and all but if your luck is like mine you might be standing barefoot in a pool of water. When complete, turn the juice back on and see how it looks. Probably have a read at the second fixture with your Volt Meter.


If the Voltage is less then 10 or more then 12 while testing at the fixture, erase from memory as quickly as possible. Disavow any and all knowledge of what a volt meter is or what it looks like.