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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by NC Greenscaper, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. NC Greenscaper

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    I'm thinking about adding low voltage lighting to the services we offer. What products/mfgs./distributors do you like? I'm located in Eastern NC. I'll be attending a Vista locally sponsored installation clinic soon, but want to find a good product with real good manufactor/dist. support and service. Do you have demo kits to take out in the field and set up for a prospective customer? We do lawn care, landscaping and irrigation. Just looking for a little moooore revenue.

    Thanks, Gary
  2. niteliters

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    There's a # of decent manufacturers out there. Finding an exceptional distributor is what I would do first. Someone you already have a relationship with, maybe irrigation dist.
  3. NightScenes

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    I agree, see what lines your irrigation distributor offers and go from there. You can also do a search here on Lawnsite and find all kinds of info on different products.

    Good luck and whatever you do, do it right the first time.
  4. Chris J

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    I'm just going to say this: if you are getting into it just for extra money, save yourself the time and aggravation. To do this well and be successful at it, you have to have a passion for it. You will be spending lots of nights away from your family, and if you currently have a day job this means you are going to be working from sun-up until 10-11Pm every day of your life.
    Besides, if you don't love what you do you are going to suck at it anyway!
  5. JoeyD

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    If you are serious and want to be brought up to speed on a very easy system that is bulletproof the call me.....760-219-2419. Let me explain to you what I can offer. I will teach you a system you can adapt to any manufacturers products!

    Joey D.
  6. Go Halogen

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    Think of it like this. So many brands, styles, materials, etc. Find a main line and build on that. I have used just about every brand out there. I like many individual fixtures from a few lines. Vista is my main line for many reasons. They have really lived up to their word through the years. They have customized fixtures for me (they make everything at their factory), listened to my ideas (and acted on them), they have a great technical manager in my area, and most of all they stick to their warranties and then some. If you are going to Vista's plant you will see for yourself, the dedication effort.....But remember, there are some really neat fixtures out there by other lines. Use them to your advantage when you feel the need......By the way, I teach intro to landscape design and my local University and I always incorporate lighting. I have also been an installer for many years. Let me know if you have any related questions.

    Go Halogen
  7. Turf Troll

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    Go Halogen,
    are you referring to tony, have you been in touch with him since you started here?
  8. Go Halogen

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    I know him as Anthony. I attended a local seminar in Philadelphia over the Winter. It was an Advanced Design Forum. He did a nice job. I am always impressed when I pick up new ideas. After 13 years of installing I tend to get set in my ways.

    I call him periodically and he always puts time aside for me.

    Do you know him?
  9. Pro-Scapes

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    UGH!!!! Joey!!!! I like you and I love your products but your comment about EASY has got me in a rile. I am really tired of manufactures and dist alike telling guys how EASY this is. To do it well and do it right is not easy. It takes knowledge... patience... ability to learn. Teaching some guy the hub and telling him he can make money really easy is just plain out bad for our industry.

    If you think digging trenches in the hot sun and punching sidewalks... going up trees... going back in the night to adjust the lighting and spending evenings away from home to meet with potential clients is easy then kudos to you. First of all this is not something you can learn to do properly over night. I think I did about 6mo of reading and learning as well as an install with another contractor before I felt I was ready to do this seriously. Second of all this is VERY labor intensive. Sure you can use some labor to help bury your systems but be prepared for that call out just before a party when one of the 10k hour bulbs you just put in failed to light mrs smiths prized fountain.

    Its a great industry but it is not for everyone. It takes time and dedication. Its a specialty if you want to do it right and command the price of a specialist. Its not a walk in the park tho as just about every distributor and manufacture will tell anyone thats willing to listen.
  10. Turf Troll

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    Yes I met him when he was the manager at the John Deere scapes store a few years ago, then I went to the lighting seminar he had for JD last year.

    Yes he is a top notch individual, Vista should consider themselves fortunate to have someone of his caliber representing them,

    When I sent the link to this forum to him he believed that you might have been a instructor he had at U of D. years ago. He couldn't place you from the info you have except being in Bear. You should connect the dots for him.

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