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    Attended a lighting seminar today as a refresher for me and to pick up any tricks that I'm not aware of. It was put on by Unique LIghting. He spent a lot of time talking about going with a 24 volt lighting system. In the past I've only done 12 volt systems. Seems to be more advantage going with a 24 volt system. Now Unique has a fuse connection at the hub and would like feedback from someone who's not selling the product. What do you guys think about this fuse connection?
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    You mean at the hub, buried in the ground? Coming from someone with a strong irrigation background that spends a lot of time locating buried valve boxes, that sounds like a nightmare to troubleshoot. Why would that be better than fused connection in the transformer or even a seperat fuse panel next to the transformer?
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    I use some Unique products, but I see absolutely zero benefit to their 24 volt system when you can mix and match between halogen and LED or all LED on just about any fixture you want. Just my two cents.

    Scott Maloney
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    Hi Mike. Before jumping on any 24V bandwagon you want to check with the Landscape Ontario Lighting Group, the ESA, or your local ESA electrical inspectors. Here in Ontario, Landscape Lighting or "Garden Lighting" must be installed to a standard and all components and materials used must be listed and adhere to minimum standards and certificates. UL1838 is the standard for low voltage lighting installations and only applies to systems up to 15Volts max. All of your components, including transformers, fixtures, wire, connectors, timers, relays, etc must be listed and have CSA or cUL or cETL certifications.

    I have not taken a close look at Unique products in the last year or so, but the last time I reviewed their line only a couple of their transformers were appropriate for use and not many of their fixtures. Hopefully this will change in the near future with Toro now in control.

    Remember that simply finding a UL or ETL sticker on a product is not acceptable. The fact remains, that for any electrical component to be installed and acceptable, it must carry a listing for its intended purpose. It is not acceptable to install a transformer that is listed for interior or accessory or general use in a Landscape Lighting application.

    Things are continuing to evolve and change out there in many jurisdictions. Provinces and States are developing and enforcing licensing and listing regulations all the time. This is an issue that will continue to develop and become more important all the time.

    Personally, I would not take the risk of installing an unlisted or inappropriately listed electrical component / system. In so doing you are opening yourself up to increased liability, and the risk of 'stop work orders' from your local electrical safety authority. There are a number of manufacturers and importers out there who are knowingly selling unlisted products. Buyer beware... when you install those as a contractor, you are then accepting all of the risk / liability for failures, damages, injury, etc.

    (for more technical discussions regarding appropriate listings for landscape lighting components, do a search of this forum and look back to 2007 and early 2008. we were into it pretty thick back then)

    Have a safe day.

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