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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JimLewis, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. JimLewis

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    I'm probably the last professional lighting guy here to have not developed a maintenance program for lighting systems. But I've seen the light. I realize it's long overdue. So I'm making a program right now for our clients. I expect we'll do this on an annual basis for most customers.

    Below is a list of items that I came up with for this service. I want to run it by you all.

    • Prune shubs/trees away from light fixtures
    • Clean lenses
    • Clean housing / caps if needed
    • move fixtures back away from shrubs / trees that have grown
    • Re-program / adjust timer
    • Clean out transformers of cob webs, dust, dirt, wasps nests, etc.
    • Check & tighten terminal block in transformer
    • Check wire connectors
    • Check for proper light output from fixtures
    • Change Bulbs on halogen systems (for a charge)
    • Re-aim spot lights
    • Re-straighten pathway lights
    • Measure load coming into transformer
    • Clean screens on well lights
    • Re-grease sockets on path lights or MR-16 sockets, etc. as needed
    • Clean debris away from fixtures
    • Check operation of on/off cycle
    • Install protective coating on lenses (e.g. Rain-X)
    • Replace fixtures as needed under warranty

    Anything else you'd add?

  2. Richie@

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    I would make that a one time free service if the customer refers you to another customer for a lighting job that you are awarded.
  3. Lite4

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    I generally clean the fixture bodies too. As far as connections, are you really going to dig up the connections to check them? That one seems a bit extreme, but everything else looks about normal.
  4. steveparrott

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    You might add:

    Nighttime inspection to fine-tune and optimize lighting design.

    Evaluate and advise on whether or not system changes are needed to account for changes in the landscape, or evolving needs of the occupants.

    Ensure that wires are still buried to depths required by code, and are protected from likely activities on the property.

    I also suggest that you organize the list into categories in outline format.
  5. JimLewis

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    Yah, you're probably right. Thanks.

    Also, I was perusing your website (Nice site. Absolutely beautiful pics!). I noticed that on the page where you talk about what a lighting system costs, there is a typo there. In the paragraph over on the right side of the page, there is a beginning parenthesis but not an ending one. Just FYI.
  6. JimLewis

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    Thank you, Steve, for all your replies. I will use all of those ideas.

    But the idea above brings up a good point. I was thinking that maybe we should schedule these lighting maintenance service calls like 90 minutes before dusk. That way our tech. could have enough time to do all those items above and then also spend half an hour checking out and adjusting the lighting system in the dark. Is that typical? Anyone else do that as part of their maintenance program? I think that would be a really good value-added service.
  7. steveparrott

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    It might waste time for the technician since lights are best adjusted well after sunset - while the other tasks are best done before dusk. If driving time isn't an issue, then you might want to schedule the two tasks separately. Also, if you are better at fine tuning the adjustment, then you might do that yourself - rather than send the technician.
  8. Lite4

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    Thank Jim, Ill check that. I am going to be doing a total overhaul this winter to make the site more indexable by search engines.

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