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    I was just wondering, considering there isnt a section for landscape lighting, if anyone of you has done it and how do you charge. Ive got a wealthy neighbor/client of mine that has solar powered lights and wants some low voltage lights up. Im sure he will go with the best out there considering hes the greatest guy alive. So how do I go about charging him?? THANKS FOR THE REPLYS!!!!
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    I did a little work with landscape lighting a few years ago while working for a landscaper.

    We used Nightscaping products http://www.nightscaping.com/index_flash.htm

    They are top end in quality, style and probably price.

    I even was able to attend a training day with our distributer.

    I am not sure but I think the recommended pricing structure was based on something like 150%-250% of the retail price of the materials. Some of the fixtures were over $100 a piece I think the lowest price ones were around $40 or $50 per light.

    There was a mention awhile back of a possible landscape lighting forum but it never went anywhere.
    There is some good money in this area if you can sell it.
    Sorry i can't give any more info but the people at Nightscaping should be able to help you.

    Good luck
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    I price my jobs at $150.00 and up per fixture plus the transformer(s). We use only high quality product, I won't do a job with home depot lights.

    Don't think it's just a matter of sticking some lights in the ground and hooking up the wire. If that's what you plan on doing then plan on having some problems. Most places that sell lighting will hold classes throughout the year.
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    Design is probably more important with lighting than any other form of landscaping. With good lighting it often is not the light that creates the effect, but rather the shadows. Definately spend time learning before you take on this type of work.

    Austreim Landscaping

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