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  1. starry night

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    Why do we need goverment to do this when we have David Gretzmeier
    doing all the testing?
  2. David Gretzmier

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    I just do a bit of real world testing here and there. I wish more folks on here did and reported the results. we all would benefit from more info from installers experience with products.

    But if you truly believe that conservatives want some government, do the research- check the voting record on all the above items I mentioned. who votes for it and against it?

    when you propose a fair label for LED products, you will find that conservatives rarely will vote for it. It places a burden on producers to test and then tell the truth. that hurts all big business except one- the one who typically produces the product with the best label results at the lowest cost. since far more businesses are hurt in this equation, and that is who funds conservative capaigns, you will find them absolutely consistant on voting against anything that requires businesses to do much of anything. sorry, but mostly true. look it up and check.
  3. starry night

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