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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by agrostis, Aug 15, 2011.

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    I stand corrected..... I must have misunderstood the info that I was given. I had an EE working for me at one point who was designing an "intelligent" output board to provide the controller with protection from any type of field damage. He seemed to indicate that the GDT and Choke setup had a faster clamping rate..... Of course that was 3 or 4 years ago so I may have remembered wrong!
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    Have you used this product in the past and if so how are they performing? This company is really proud of their products and the price certainly reflects it. I have had numerous strikes/power surges on my sprinklers and every time the damage is substantial. I have added a whole house surge protector as well as a high end plug in model for the house voltage side and the T manufacturing boards for the low voltage side and that seems to protect the controllers, now the lightning simply destroys the field wiring, 3 cables so far this year.
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    Thats where the strike is coming from, the field.
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    I have had the most problems from a golf course with a toro NW8000 system.
    The field wiring is a giant conductor for electro-magnetic pulses. I have seen a satellite on fire after a thunderstorm. Repair was about 5000 annually from lightning damage. It is now about 50 (not counting fried solenoids) after D+B 120v surge protectors and data line protectors were installed in each satellite. About 300 for each satellite. Protection/default.html

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