Lightning Strike!!!!!

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    Wouldn't you know right before my week away from civilization the Gods of irrigation punish me. Customer had a strike that nailed the two valves in that hole. Busted the pipe in two places we know of right by that tree. Blew out three of the four solenoids. Traveled back the wires through the timer through a rinky dink wiring setup (not mine) into the house and took out the TV, fiber optics, Garage door and a bunch of other stuff. So today we are going to yank all the valves, repair the breaks, rewire the whole system, replace the timer, (it was an orbit anyway). So instead of packing for Yucatan I'm working a 12 hour day, Henry is working a 12 hour day, my three hispanic subs are working a 12 hour day. We have this to do and 4 other service calls. I'm pissed so don't mess with me.






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    Be sure to save the old clock ( leave it at the residence) and make sure the customer is a ware that his homeowners ins will cover the bill. TV and garage doors are even better . Now he is above his deuctable and dosnt give a damn how much your bill is.
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    We experience the same type of damage in our area...

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    Oh yeah. That's covered. I took a ton of pics as well. Insurance is already notified and work is good to go. I don't charge more though and take advantage of insurance. I just do every little detail that may be a problem down the road due to the strike.
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    "We Install Orbit!!"
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    I had 1 a few yrs back. Hit a tree split the bark caught the wire. Shot back thru every valve, went into the basement and all there was was a black burn where the clock used to be. Found the clock on the other side of the basement . Looked like someone tossed it in a campfire.Replaced a total control, 6 solonoids and about 130 ft of 10 strand plus 40 ft of the trunk wire to the clock.
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    That looks like a nice aluminum sign screwed to the wall with service info.
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    I had one the blew the Rain Dial controller off the garage wall and onto the hood of the customers car, and smoldered on the hood causing damage to it as well.
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    The best part about lightening around here is that lightening season starts a few weeks after start up season is done. Almost like the gods know when we will be needing service work.

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