Lightning Strike

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by irritation, Jun 16, 2010.


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    hey pete, what are you doing in montana as far as work goes? i'd like to hear a little about the moisture testing you were talking about. :)

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    I'm working on pigtail projects. Not trying to get to involved with local work until after my Aug trip to see my daughter. You need to get registered as a contractor in MT so I've got to get some paperwork off to Helena. I may help out an Old folks home doing some deck work. Unfortunately they got ripped off/bad advice previously and instead of staining the decks got talked into painting them. A year later the paint is flaking badly. It needs to be stripped and stained. 30 units of screwed up decks...some with latex...some with oil. All flaking and chipping.

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    Great Zeus!
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    As stated lightning goes wherever it wants. It could follow a thin phone wire or just hit the roof directly with nothing to follow but air. Lightning could come UP from the ground too, zapping anything near it just for sheets and giggles.

    Whole-house surge protectors should be mandatory along with proper ground rods. It could help, or lightning could just laugh at you.
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    I've had similar lightening strike issues from outdoor mounted Pro-C's to ICC's either being blown to pieces or just melted/shorted out.

    In effect no really effective grounding can protect a controller when a tree is struck near the field wires as the electricity is going to take the path of least resistance - usually through the field wires culminating in the controller getting fried.

    All of this said I have seen some really bad results from lightening strikes. Had to investigate a soldier being burned to death from a lightening strike one time - couldn't get the weapon out of him until the post mortem it was melted in so deep.
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    I've been there. It sure didn't look that cool though.. It was about 115 out and the whole area is marble so the relfective heat hurttttt

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    I had one yesterday where lightning came down a big Pine tree and burned the mainline in two, burned the irrigation wires in two, literally blew the timer off of the wall, and fried all the solenoids. On top of all of that, all of the valve boxes were grown over without a clue of where they were.

    Long story short....replaced the clock, solenoids, pieced out the wires, and mainline and it all went back to work. I was shocked that the wiring was still operable (I know that faults may or may not show up later).



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    All in a day with the 521? Good job:drinkup:

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