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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Mike Fronczak, May 18, 2013.

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    Mike, there are many things in your posts that you have simplified or mis-stated. That is why the lighting pros on here are suggesting you may be in over your head on this. Personally, given the information presented, I have to agree with them. You last comment re: insurance suggests to me that you may want to have a good long chat directly with your underwriter before you proceed in doing work that you are not properly covered for. It may not be rocket science, but there is a lot more to this work than most acknowledge or comprehend. Building teams of complimentary trades is the mark of a true pro and doing so will help to propel your business in the eyes of your clients. Nobody is capable of doing everything at a top level.
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    As I said in my last post rather than be helpful & educate tell me what I'm oversimplifying, etc. thats what this site is for.....your response is "call a specialty lighting company". Like all things there is an art to landscape lighting, I understand that completely. I'm not designing a an accent lighting package trying to pick "just the right" accent, fixture, etc. I was told use this many of these fixtures & make it so they turn on.....basically. To be honest I think these fixtures aren't worth a much, i wouldnt have picked them they don't put off nearly enough light for my liking, & are flimsy, but i didn't do the design. I understand completely about building teams of other contractors in 20 yrs in business I have some great relationships with contractors & vendors, just not a landscape lighting. Developing those relationships is almost always trial & error, I've found often in our market we are the ones stuck fixing things. We don't get call backs as a rule, usually everything is done properly then some more, this is the first in a number of years, & should not have happened (wouldn't if I had trusted my instinct instead of the LA either). That's why we got the install in the first place. High end lighting landscape lighting isn't big here, there is some but most is done by landscape contractors "in house" that are less knowledgable than me.
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    Mike, I certainly agree with you about the value of Lawnsite's educational quality. And the lighting professionals on this particular forum love to educate.
    BUT they also expect some effort to educate oneself before beginning to work on lighting. When I first visited this forum a couple years ago, I suspect I knew less than you do now. However, I didn't take on even the simplest tasks for clients until I read books and articles and almost the complete archives of this forum. One last point and again please take this as constructive advice: You mentioned that you (or landscape guys like you) are often asked to fix others' messes. The professionals on this forum will agree that that is the last job you should take on without adequate knowledge.
    And those on here with the most knowledge and expertise will not touch those jobs. Thanks for reading.
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    Hey mike, I recommend you take a beginners class that vendors occassionally have. I took one when I first started doing lighting through unique before I even got on my first job as an employee, and it really helped me understand low voltage lighting. At least the bare basics that is, but It was much better than flying in blind.
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    With the advent of the LED, things have become far less complicated for the installer. As long as you count up wattage, and use a very good connection, just about anyone can wire up a system now. Notice I did not mention design, that is a whole other ball of wax entirely. The halogen systems are a little bit trickier, but are by no means rocket science. Learn the basics to safe wiring and good connections. Mike, there is no reason you couldn't hone your skills and be that guy that people call to do their lighting. It is a good business and one that is always evolving with new technology. Perhaps joining the AOLP and taking the CLVT course would be a good way for you to start on that road.
    Best of luck

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