Lil help from the brain trust, talking "Motivation"

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Az Gardener, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Az Gardener

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    I am working on a incentive based pay system. I have the $$ part pretty much worked out. What I need now is other motivators. I already provide lunch daily , benefits and a 4-day work week.

    Michael Gerber in his E Myth books talks about work being a game and the need to keep the game fresh and new to keep employees engaged. That's what I am looking for.

    I find when I ask the guys to come up with their own ideas I don't get much response. If I give them options they are not shy about letting me know what they want.
  2. YoungGun

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    well cant for sure tel im not sure if you have crews or just a solid crew or if there working with you
    but something thats a game where they can win ( everyone loves wining) i hate lossing more than i love wining!!!!

    so create a game bassed on points something where if they get to 100 points they get a i pod or maybe 300 dollar bonus
    have certain good work habit worth points and a white board (score board in truck or office!

    to work on time- 2 points
    picked up a new costomer 10 points
    pick up a extra lawn for the day 4 points
    finished on time ( 6PM) 2 points

    you get the point

    just if you use this make the point goal like 100 pretty high that way you can have a Good expensive prize they will want but it will take a while to get. keeping you more profitable!!!
  3. DiGiTLawncare

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    ^^^^^^^^ I like that... humm Might try this out.
  4. Az Gardener

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    I am thinking 1 dollar per hour bumps for meeting performance goals like and extra buck for hitting production goals this should cover the late / wasted time issues. Another 1.00 bump for client satisfaction. Another bump for job site rig inspection. you know equipment ether being used or locked up, trailer stocked with parts where anyone can find them truck and equipment looking good no trash on the dash the crew in uniform and so on.

    I have $$ in the budget for these bumps. I don't have money budgeted for other bonuses unless there is a significant savings in equipment service and repair or increased improvement sales. But there are other marks I want to hit. My coach says "What gets measured gets done" I want the guys to be safe, we have had no accidents but that can also be my good Karma at work :) I want the guys to really focus on safety and not do dumb stuff. I think we could save $$ on equipment service and replacement. I also need to have them keep my supervisor happy. This means being proactive on the job sites, completing paperwork in a timely manor, Picking up specialty items purchased for the jobs when they are at the yard.

    Right now we have two crews, one big rig (14' cab over with dump and a 8.5 X16" long enclosed) and adding a second big rig next month. Currently that crew has a 3/4 tom P/U and small open trailer.

    I recently lost a good man who just got burned out. I am told this (green industry) was not what he wanted to do but Its my job to keep the game fun. All my guys are good and its up to me to keep them interested and happy. So I certainly welcome any ideas

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