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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Phinc, Jul 5, 2008.

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    So I'm thinking of adding sealing to my business for next year. I've had alot of interest in it with some of my customers. I have experiance sealling mostly residential and parking lots.

    So my questions are :

    Where in Arkansas do I get equipment ? (maybe my internet search skills suck)

    Why doesn't anybody around here do it ?

    What type of sealer is recomended for this area ?

    Sorry for the newbie questions.

    After I did a job this afternoon, I drove through the sub division and counted 17 driveways that need attention. I looked in the Yellow pages today and couldn't find anyone that did residential work. Thanks for all the info and help. Paul
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  3. Phinc

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    Wow !! Thanks man !!! Paul
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    I dont want to sound like a a-hole but if you have experience sealing mostly residential and parking lots why are you asking for help.
    word of advice get insurance because if you get it on someones stamped concrete or house your in trouble. in my area there is about 30 people that sealcoat and do residential but if you look in the phonebook I think myself and only one other person is in there.
    sealing is a cuthroat business where people think they can be lowbidders and they come and go. stick to your prices, do a quality job and you will be allright. I built a customer list up to about 1000 mostly residentials. I average around 20-30 commercial jobs a year. also get yourself a professional set up. look for used ones on ebay for 4-5k it will be paid off fast trust me. do not get the square tanks you cant aggiate them and the sealer hardens on the botttom. you willl be wasting time unclogging your tip due to no strainers and the dried up sealer coming in the line. also the trash pumps are not built for sealer. dont do them by hand you will be there all day. sparaying does the best job if it is done correctly.
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    Well by experiance I mean " I helped by buddy who does in back home in Pennsylvania" I was basically grunt for him. So maybe I don't have enuff to get started but, I have an idea how. So i didn't think you where being an a hole. I'm just kicking around the idea for next year. Thanks for all the help and tips. Paul

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