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Limbo accounts


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Guys, I am having real problems with lowballers, a handfull of my key accounts are not jumping to renew contracts which leaves me in a world of hurt right now. I usually maintain around 75 accounts and cannot afford to lose the good ones. Do people like to renew closer to season or do they like to leave you in limbo for a while? This will be my 3rd year in business, has anyone been through this, or does anyone have some good advice to share about what to expect? I am hoping that when it gets closer to season that I can pick up some new ones.


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I use to worry myself silly wondering if & when the work would come, around here middle of april and its time to work and mid March still had zip. All I can tell you is quit worrying it will come it usually 2 weeks before the start of the season but it will come. And if by chance it does not all worrying will due is put you in an early grave. If this is your 3rd yr. RELAX and enjoy the slow time your gonna be wishing you had it in a couple months.



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I have a list of accounts from previous years, 3 years ago, etc. that I still try to sign up as customers. I personally try to get the majority those customers that didn't sign up by December 15th, to sign up by the first week of March. It's too much of a headache for me to try to schedule in a rush of calls in the last minute. So I tell the returning customers that wait until the last minute that if they don't sign up by a certain date they forfeit their spot to another customer. That usually gives the motivation to sign up before the last minute


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I sent my renewals out when I had a few weeks of mowing left. On the there invoice I attached a letter telling them to renew now and keep there same rates for next year, recieved almost a 100% customer retention. The ones that didnt I know will still renew this year and the rates will be the same I just tried get everyone going for next year to see where I stood.

J Hisch

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Evansville IN
The larger commercial account I secure up as soon as I can usually dec. or jan. the residentals if one leaves their is always one to replace it.