Lime and Fert per soil test

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, May 23, 2012.

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    Im a little embarrassed. We moved into a new home last July. The lawn was terrible and hardly any grass. I seeded with rye in the fall in hopes of not having the worst house on the block. It did really well.

    So the heat is here and I'm ready to convert to Bermuda. I plan on plugging celebration as soon as I can. I got a soil test done. It says I need 80 lbs or lime, 3.5 lbs of N, and 5.5 lbs of K per 1000 to bring everything up to the proper level.

    Since I'm spraying the lawn with roundup. Is it ok to apply all te line at once? I usually do 50lbs max at a time. For Fert I'm ok since I will apply a starter and Fert every 4 weeks or so to promote the Bermuda to fill in.

    How long after putting down the lime would you wait to set the plugs? I will also wait a few months and get another soil test to make sure everything is in the right direction.
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    You can put down 70 Lbs. of lime per 1000 sq. ft. at a time, put down the other 10 Lbs. this fall. As long as you can water you can put down the lime and the plug's at the same time.
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    thanks. I've always heard the 50 lbs/1000 rule for established lawns. Didn't know if that applied to a lawn that I was starting from scratch. According to the soil test I need 800 lbs of lime(80 lbs/1000 on 10k lawn). I normally use sol-u-cal so I can convert that to 200lbs(20lbs per 1000).

    My plan is to get the lime down asap and start the installation in about 2 weeks. Round of applications and memorial day trip to the beach has delayed my attempt.
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    I had a soil test done on a lawn that called for 100lbs per k and put half rate and my ph went from 4.3 to 7 for about 5 months and is now at 6 so I will be applying 25lbs and then getting another test in about 4 months

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