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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Doster's L & L, Nov 12, 2003.

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    Today i "finished" the first half of my lime app. I took a soil test and it showed that it needed 50lb/1000. No problem, right? Wrong. that's only part of my troubles. I bought a new Spyker spreader Model 88 at the Expo in Louisville KY. I calibrated it to be accurate for what i was doing, so i thought. Evidently, a few numbers got mixed around or something and i was off. Either way though, right or wrong, i was still spreading the lime on the highest level of output that the spreader (i was using 10 on level 1-10) would spread. Before i was aware of the mathmatical screw up, i was thinking that i would spread 12.5lbs/1000 in one direction and the other 12.5 the other direction and then in March or April do the same thing and it would work out like it is supposed to. After completing todays application, i counted the # of bags that were empty and divided it by the total area and come to find out, i had only spread 28% of this lime even after doing a criss cross pattern. At this rate i will have to go over the lawn 4 more times. Is there a spreader that is specifically made to spread pelletized lime at a higher rate than what i am getting now? Also, how much would you charge? 84.5K lawn, 50lbs lime/K, my cost $3/40lb bag pelletized lime (105 bags needed), i will spread the other part in feb or march, i will criss-cross pattern again, too. i was thinking of getting $1 markup per bag ($420) and $170 for fall app and 170 for spring app. Total: $760 for pH correction. I will appreciate any replies.
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    Well, could anyone at least help me with what you would charge for a job of this size? Thanks.
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    Well, the answer is yes, I only spread about 18# per K with my spreader wide open. It will vary based on the type of lime, mesh size, and the humidity.

    What would I do with a yard that size? More than what you are getting, about 320 per app. I like to put down no more than 35-40# per K at one time.

    I know it is a time killer spreadiing lime, I like to ahve someone feeding me bags to I can just keep on walking and get done sooner.

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    Yeah, i kinda noticed the bottom falling out of my spreader too. Quite time consumeing. Are you in a wealthy neighborhood? just curious. this guy is a good lawyer and i know he's got the $$$, but the woman that i give the bill to likes to ask too many questions about the bill. And she sure as hell notices when the bill is larger than usual too.
    What kind of spreader do you use and where can i get one of those? i needed one yesterday. I have heard that more than 40# /K should not be spread at one time, but i never was told why that is. Is it such a drastic change in soil chemistry that the lawn can't adapt or what?
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    Simple answer is to not use pelletized lime. Here in Pa. we don't use dolomitic limestone because most soils have too much Magnesium, which is what dolomitic limestone mainly is.

    We use a calcium based limestone called C-Cal which is mainly crushed sea shells. It is a powdery limestone that flys out of the spreader. You will go through a bag in about 2 minutes. We apply it at rates of 50lbs per 1000 k all the time with good results. I usually get around $12 per bag applied.
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    You are absolutely right!!! I looked at the soil test and sure 'nuff, i have all the Mg that i need. I am so glad you pointed this out to me. Many THANKS!!!
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    Around here every soiltest I have done calls for Dolomitic lime. Have never checked a new lawn that required less than 100lbs per 1000sqft. I use pulverized lime and spread it with a drop spreader made by SeedEasy. It holds 350 lb and you can pull it behind a large mower and put out a ton per hour at the max rate of 25lb per 1000. I double the cost of materials for apps. Comes out to about $75 per hr. I use pelletized lime in a broadcast spreader for areas that I cant take a mower or 4 wheeler

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