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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by CL&T, Aug 5, 2013.

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    A neighbor was diagnosed with Lime today after trimming his shrubs a couple of weeks ago. That got me thinking about the way I work because so far I have not been infected despite doing this for a living. I make it a point to have minimal contact with the cuttings. That is by catching them with a tarp or raking them into a tarp, or raking them up and putting them in a big green barrel with the rake or pitch fork. Around here the municipality collects green waste and recycles it, so the tarp or barrel get brought to the curb and dumped, untouched by human hands.

    One problem with that is those stupid bags many municipalities want you to use. They cause people to handle the clippings to put them in the bags and I believe that's how my neighbor got infected. The municipal guys here will reluctantly shovel the stuff I leave into their garbage truck with pitch forks and as far as I'm concerned that is a far better method, not just from the Lime disease standpoint, it is a hell of a lot easier for them than picking up 70 pound wet bags all day. But of course politicians are idiots.
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    Sorry to hear about your neighbor, but not having contact with plant life in the green industry is not reasonable.
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    It actually Lyme but the disease sucks I have it and suffered from the effects sense may. It runs you down makes all of your joints stiff and sore. Have headache that 800mg of ibuprofen won't help. But ticks fall from trees the only way to prevent is to check yourself every day the only way for a tick to transmits the disease is to be on the body for over 24 hours. Also some doctors say you have to have a bull eye around the tick bite but that's not always true.
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    True but you can minimize contact like I do. This guy was picking up armloads of clippings with bare arms and stuffing them in bags. That's just asking for trouble. Actually now that I think about it this is the second time for him and lime. He got it several years ago too.
  5. Stillwater

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    I agree....
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    If ticks are in the shrubbery then being there allows the ticks to climb aboard... repeated handling of the shrubbery has nothing to do with 'where the ticks are'... they can be in the grass, shrubs, or trees... are you going to blame the narrow gates that require a pushmower, requiring you to walk across the lawn so many extra times for Lymes' Disease???
    You need to get an office job that has pest control insecticides permeating the building's structure every month... :)
  7. CL&T

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    Apparently you don't have a lime problem in Wisconsin. While what you say is true, you are greatly increasing your already high chances of acquiring a tick by unnecessarily handling clippings. If there is a better way to do it why take the risk?
  8. Richard Martin

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    Seriously. A bunch of guys have told you it's LYME, not lime.

    Ticks and Lyme are everywhere. I've been doing this for 20 years. My wife works in a coffee shop. Guess which one of us got Lyme and it's wasn't me.

    What do you do when you have to drive out on the road with other drivers on the road? There is a risk that one of them may hit you. There is also the risk of lightning. Do you stay inside on cloudy days? Do you check all of your shoes in the morning to be sure a Brown Recluse didn't craw in them over night. If you think Lyme is bad, you don't want to be bit by a Brown Recluse.


    You're taking this Lyme risk too seriously.
  9. recycledsole

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    Lyme disease can be very serious and little is known about it. Ticks can come from anywhere. Brown mice are the most common carrier of lyme, not deer. I love being outdoors, but sadly in my area there is a good chance I can be infected so when I am outside I never sit for too long, I keep moving. Other parts of the country is not so bad, and other countries don't have it. Everyone here should be very careful as the effects of lyme vary a lot. A bulls eye rash is not always an indicator of lyme. Most doctors don't know anything about it (like other diseases / health). If you suspect you have been bitten you might want to take 3 weeks of antibiotics. Tests are not conclusive. Symptoms vary a lot. Its not good to dwell on your 'symptoms' so if you think you have it, just treat it, don't worry. worrying never helps. What you focus on is what you create more of. Diet has a huge impact on health. A lot of folks have reported feeling much better when eating a raw food diet. Source: my mom had lyme disease. Her face was paralyzed during her treatment. She got a catheter ("pick line" put in her arm for IV antibiotics and got a lot of trouble from that. we strongly don't recommend that. She had bad pains in her chest and removed it in 2 or 3 days. It was very bad at times, the worst part for sure was caused by 'doctors' not the disease. May everyone enjoy good health and happiness.
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    I know two other guys, one worked for a cemetery cutting grass that got lyme and it went undiagnosed. It really screwed them up bad and now years later one has cardiac problems and both have joint problems. One had both knees replaced and is still on medication that he injects in his stomach every day with something like an epi pen. I think they both went through the IV antibiotic treatment at one time. And they got the best care when they finally figured it out because we had the original lyme disease clinic right here at a time when nobody knew much about lyme. So if you think that spider bite is bad, it isn't going to f*** you up for life.

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