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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Natural Impressions, May 4, 2006.

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    I am a commercial lawn maintence co with one employee, myself. lol I am not looking to illegally start fertlizing my clients ( I know that upset alot of you, which I understand) but I do have a question. I sent a soil sample of my father's property to Rutger's Univ. and got the result back. They told me my ph value was around a 5.9 and I should add 30lbs per thousand quare ft. And I did. Then I was thinking since I also put down a fertilizer with weed control for him should I have add additional Lime? And when I put more fertilzer down for my father in the future how much lime should I mix with the fertilizer so he doesnt have a ph problem again. " I just wish my dad would call the fertlizer co. that I use and stop being so cheap. HAH, what can I do." Thank for you time in reading this and any replies would be appreciated.
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    30 lbs. per 1000 seems light to me with a 5.9, around here with the soil types I deal with that would require 5lbs per 100 or 50lbs. per 1000. Go to lowes and buy a soil test kit (if that was the only recommendation then all you need to worry about is PH, Buy the kit they are really quite easy to use) check it again in about 5 weeks to see what it stabilizes out at and add accordingly. also, don't add over 50lbs. per 1000 in 1 app.
    Does he have pines, oaks or maple trees in the yard? PH always seems to be really bad under or near those.
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    Put down lime at the maintenance rate of 50# per thousand square feet per year to keep the ph up and to give calcium and magnesium. Don't try to spread lime and fertilizer mixed together it won't fall through the spreader at the same rate.
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    I wasnt looking to mix them I was wong how much lime I should use to follow up on each application thanks
  5. Natural Impressions

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    And WOW...50 pounds per 100sq ft each year? I never would have thought that much just to maintain it......and he doesnt have to many tress at is an adult community
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    Retest next season to see what change you got from 30 lbs.application.

    If you get to acceptable range (ie 6.5 pH )them apply 15 lbs annually to hold it there.

    In general pH drops .25 per season due to acid rain,organic breakdown and fertilizer. A 15 lb. maintenance rate will hold the level.

    Do not put down fertilizer and lime at the same time. Lime will nutralize the fert. Two to three weeks apart at a minimum.

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