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  1. yegs75

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    anyone notice how lime tripled in cost over the last 2 years? I NEED ABOUT 2000 BAGS DOL. PELLETS FOR SPRING LIVE PA. ANY DEALS OUT THEIR?:drinkup:
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    $3.50 / bag isn't so bad, I've noticed even smaller amounts make a difference, I usually dump 10-14 bags on my acre lot, spreader chute wide open and I'm done in about an hour, 400-600 pounds / acre is my latest formula but I know what you mean about the price, then you have to do this twice / year as well.

    Another solution is to use less fertilizer throughout the season, I am in Virginia and we have a clay base over the entire state so the one product I found that helps is Clay Buster ($5.50 / bag). It has Calcium sulfate in it and it helps the grass grow almost like a fertilizer but doesn't affect the ph, remembering that lime has calcium carbonate in it so it's not the same thing, but between lime and clay buster I been having myself a ball. My favorite formula is 3 bags of each per 1/4 acre, customers seem to like it, the price isn't too bad and with less fertilizer it helps keep the ph from going too far off the chart (here I done gave up trying to even bring it out of the red lol).
  3. yegs75

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    thanks topsites lesco lime 4.95 a bag i found 40 lb bags at 2.39 each dol. pellets. saw clay busters but never tried it :drinkup:

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