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Pellet vs powder lime. I’m getting mixed answers. I heard the powder to pellet ratio is 10:1. Some tell me it’s 1:1. Anyone know for sure??


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Memphis TN
I prefer pelletized lime if for no other reason (and there are some) ease of use in applying correctly calibrated amounts with the spreader. I generally like the high cal over dolamitic unless my mg levels are low. But I've also heard it makes little difference in the type dol or cal. Dunno.


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Lime by soil test recommendations. I switch between dolomitic and calcitic depending on mg needs

there is a Grassfactor YouTube video in lime and seems research points to proper rates holding pH for 2-3 years. So the selling point may be apply properly this year and check again in 2 years. Would also assume following apps would be low.



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Winston-Salem NC
I've always considered pelletized vs. powdered as a 1 to 1 thing. I just go by pounds per 1000. Although you have to make 3-4 passes to get the same coverage as powdered. Unless you have to use powdered then pelletized is the superior product. Powdered lime is just more refined and break's down faster.

That said i almost always use pelletized. You can use a rotary spreader vs. powdered that has to be put down with a drop spreader. Just remember that any form of lime will attract lot's of water until it's wet enough.