Limestone Driveway. 20-25yards

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by RedWingsDet, Apr 6, 2005.

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    I have to give an estimate on a limestone driveway, he wants the old stuff removed and the new stuff put in. it'd be between 20 and 25 yards. First off, what would work best. Im thinking a bobcat and then either have my buddy bring in his 5yard dump... or I could possibly rent one of those big canisiters from the garbage co.

    I like the idea of just renting the big canister from the garbage co, because that way I dont have to wait for my buddy to get back from the dump site.

    howexactly do I go about approaching this... how much of the old stuff do I take out? all the way to the dirt underneath? and do I need to put some kind of eding in to hold it. also, do I need to compact it or anything? I might end up passing on this job, but It might be worth it once I read up on it... I dont think it should be that hard with the right tools. Thanks guys.
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    Mark, this a good size job in the sense that you will have to take up the old limestone and then take another 3 or 4 inchs of dirt out , so you can get a nice flat surface, and then you put down a weed barrier, and then a base. Then you put in the lime stone. There is going to be alot of removal and the big dumpsters are not really ment for that kind of removal, but to each is there own. Let me know what happens
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    if you are laying down screenings then I dont see the weed fabric being a big deal, limestone screenings will pack down almost as hard as cement

    just as a fyi you cannot load a roll off full to the top with gravel, they will tripple the cost of the container as a overweight fee

    I tore out our driveway to save a grand and loaded up a 40 yard rolloff with all the concrete, it was packed almost to the top, they charged me $650 to haul it off

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