Limestone Retaining Wall

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Husky, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. Husky

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    I've never done one before and I know doing it with these kind of uneven rocks can be difficult?

    How do you wall building pros figure for the time it will take???

    and how do you figure for the estimate,,ihave no clue what to charge to do this wall?

    some info is,,,wall at highest is 2 feet for about 15' then 1 foot and tapering down to zero for another 10'

    i don't know how to figure how many of the stones i will need?
    i know they come on a pallet is

    i dont know how long the job will take me,,,,

    i need bout 3 yards of dirt and some stone,,,guys give me all the infor u can on this,,i love experience and i do a damn good job weither i take a lose or not,,help me out here,,
  2. EagleLandscape

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    Find out the surface area of the wall, and then find out the surface area of the stones. Then divide the surface area of the wall by the total surface area of a stone. Then multiply that by about 10-20%(since its your first wall) and that will be the amount of stones needed.

    Have you thought about backfill material, drainage? Obviously this isnt a segmented wall and you will have to have some sort of draining base. What about a foundation? Since your wall is 2 feet high you will need to have atleast 5 inches below grade. Talk to D Felow and REX in the Comercial Landscape forum, they know alot more than I do. Good luck.
  3. Mikes Lawn Landscape

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    Well the first thing you do is hire an experienced mason and the 2nd thing you do is pay the experienced mason and 3rd you collect your check from the client and everyone is happy.
  4. tippi931

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    have you priced your limestone yet if so how much is it there
  5. D Felix

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    Your stone supplier should be able to give you approximate figures on what coverage will be per ton. Since you haven't worked with it before, I'd take John's suggestion of adding 20% or so to the quote over what you think it may take.

    If you think you will need equipment to do the job, get the stone delivered, then get the equipment. Don't try to schedule both for the same day, give yourself a couple of days leeway. We learned that one the hard way....

    As for pricing and how long it will take, it's hard to say. Different stones stack differently, some require more work than others. What's known as "white-to-grey" (limestone) around here stacks much better than sandstone. We just completed a sandstone wall last month that worked out to around $43/square face foot on the bid. And we broke even at best due to supplier difficulties. The stone we used was $150/ton, our cost. A lot of time will be eaten up by just learning tricks on how to do it if you've never done it before.

    My advice would be to bid really high, and then find someone who is experienced with the stone and have them help you. Watch and learn. Some guys just seem to have "the touch" when it comes to natural stone. Others (like myself) have to work a little harder with it.

    Get a good masons hammer, a 2 pound sledge and a stone chisel too. And a 6-8 pound sledge will come in handy from time to time as well. A good, tough, level is invaluable too.


  6. Husky

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    sounds like a good idea....i think i will hire someone more experienced to help me with the wall? not a big name company,,just someone who will be good at it,,,cause id like to see how it is done

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