liminating weeds from growing in between pavers

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by chiseled, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. chiseled

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    I service a client who has an existing paver patio and walkways. They have tons of weeds growing through the spaces in between the pavers. I know one solution is to spray them with round-up. Is there a preemergent chemical I can mix with round-up to prevent the weeds from germinating from this point forward? I know sweeping some sand in b/t the cracks is another solution, however the pavers were installed to long ago to do this effectively, plus there is moss growing in b/t some of the pavers where it is shady. The client refuses to use any chemical on any part of his property. They did offer to pay me extra to trim the weeds. IF whoever did the paver installation put the correct amount of stone in the base, shouldn't there be no weeds at all? I plan on doing pavers in the future and would appreciate any helpful advice on preventing weeds from pushing their way through cracks!

    Thank You
  2. Runner

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    Surflan (Oryzalin). One of your safest bets.
  3. jaybird24

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    Ditto on the Surflan. If they want no chemicals it looks like elbow grease.
  4. somo1

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    Use round-up it is inert once it touches the ground. It only attacks chlorophyll. Then use corn-gluten it is a natural pre-m. Or instead of round-up, burn with a torch.
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    the weeds are landing in the cracks then growing, not comming up from underneath.

    rent a good power washer and blast all the cracks clean, let pavers dry, then sweep in polymeric sand, sweep/blow off the tops of the pavers, then mist with water, let dry. ---no more weeds/ants, it sets up hard like a grout. Depending on the type of paver(brick, cobble, circle kit) one bag will get you around 50-60sqft at about $24 a bag. and believe it or not it takes a while to sweep it in and clean it off.

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