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    The Green Guardian has been working on organic alternatives for selective broadleaf and crabgrass controls since 1986.

    In the past they have developed products like their Green Guardian 14-0-5 and 8-0-5 which has provided significant weed control achieving 80% or greater control within 3 applications spaced 7 - 10 days apart.

    Their goal has been to increase the effectiveness while decreasing the frequency of applications to achieve these results.

    Their newest test product has been accomplishing what 2 - 3 applications have done within 10 days.

    They are looking to interview 10 lawn care companies in the USA who would test our beta product in various locations across the country.

    They will provide you with one 5 gallon pail which will treat up to 15,000 sq ft of heavily weeded turf at no cost.

    In return they require you to take before and after photos along with comments about the positives/negatives of what you see for effectiveness, how it handled when spraying and provide them with the photos and details of your experiences.

    At this point they have treated over 1.4 million sq ft in the last few weeks and have received many complements especially on mature crabgrass whereas we have turned it black in as little as 48 hours with barely a carcass to photo [see photo 41] within a week.

    They desire your input into this product prior to advancing this as a new product line.

    As usual, they have stayed within their requirements of using only "Feed Grade" materials and conform to the FIFRA ACT Sec 25 b exemption list.

    Please email Mark at with your experience in the lawn care industry and educational background. Yes, years of experience count.

    Mark Miles
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    These are some photos of what we are having for results.
    The last two are check strips and show heavy damage to crab grass.





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    These lawns were treated on Sept 8th 2010 and these photos were taken Sept 20th 2010.

    In the second photo it shows the lawn treated by a chemical competitor in the foreground and ours in the back.

    The other photo is ours up close. Both lawns started with about 20% Crab Grass coverage and a good 10 - 15% broad leaf coverage.

    In our 1/2 acre plot the crabgrass turned black within a few days and is now disintegrated into nothing. The area treated by the competitor is now going to seed and the other weeds mostly unaffected or barely affected.

    The city parks department had us both do them on the same day and the competitor has had 90 acres in this parkway to do for the last 4 years.

    We are now the new vendor for the parks department. :)



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