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Line ad or Business card ad in paper?


LawnSite Silver Member
CT shoreline
its been a long time since we've advertised in the local paper. we used to get decent calls from a simply line ad. recently i put a business card ad in and only had a handful of calls, much less then i recall from our old line ads years ago.

this year I'm trying to pick up 50 lawns and want to advertise a bit strong for the first time ever. just wondering if anyone has ever done advertising each way and noticed a difference. the other option is both line/business ads but at $35/week and i think another $105/month for line ads it will "ad" up. any help would be great thanks



LawnSite Senior Member
Southington CT
I have posted a business card size ad in the business section from my local paper for two years. This year will be the third. I would say I get around ten mowing accounts from this ad each year. It cost $22 a week if you sign for eight weeks. I think it is worth it for me.

Did you put a ad in this year already, or are you referring to last years results?