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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by dodgegmc1213, May 6, 2014.

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    was wondering if anyone uses any chemicals to really clean there machines. im constantly cleaning it with water to keep it free of any drying paint, but towards the end of last season its been acting up while doing a job, getting clogged in the tip making it spray all over or stop spraying all together. times its spraying good then something with the pump or something made the spray go down to nothing then goes back to regular. today was our first job with nothing but problems. when I took the machine out the other day to get it ready I had all the lines off blew them out with the air hose put it all together we rebuilt the guns and put a new strainer. when we get new fresh paint, the day before a job I splash alil water in it to thin it some, mix it good with a drill and paint mixer then strain it in a clean pail. when its time to put paint in I put a strainer over the pickup tube and run it through for alil bit. but I just don't understand why all these problems. does anyone else deal with this?
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    Not sure if this helps because you said you strain in. The only time I have encounter what you describe is when in a hurry to do a few lines and don't strain the paint. Does exactly as you say. I have the clean pails and mix and strain on the job before using and have had 0 problems that way
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    yea we never had these problems. but today I took the feed hose off and the bottom of the pump and cleaned a bunch of gook out. saw a few paint chips in the hose, so I kept bagging it on the floor and a bunch of chips came out. took the new filter out also and it was full with crap so hopefully I cleared my problem. it don't help that this is our only machine and when doing a job with 3 or more colors don't help it. I did a fire house last year with 4 colors in one day (blue, white, yellow, and red) no problems came out beautiful

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