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Line trimmer HELP PLEASE

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Ok so I have been using a 30cc Redmax 2 stroke and I can take the guard off and run that thing wide open with a ton of line. Well of course it still has the typical redmax problems so I wanted to buy a stihl but all three of the stihl dealers here have a diffrent opinion on what stihl will do the job. Please anyone tell me other than redmax wich can be run this way and it doesnt have to be just stihl I just like the product.
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Ok I guess noones listening well enough, I dont care about warranty and I never asked about warranty so why would you even reply back with such a narrow minded answer? I need another line trimmer that someone is using with the guard off and is successful at running the line long, that is my ONLY question...
(oh people are listening, but relating it too ancient mowing arguement about guardless trimming) Real fun thread you might wanna look into sometime on this matter.

Warranty is definitely worth caring about especially were stihl has extended one on newer equipment.

And some people do value safety.

We were not putting you down we were simply saying no trimmer is going to hold up by taking the guard off

Shindowa and stihle are also both good trimmers but you will find you will have the same hard start problems down the road from not running the trimming guard.

yes I know you didn’t ask this but I am saying it because you might not know or understand it….im not trying to be a smart ars

Taking the guard off will lower your rpms. Lowering the rpms do not allow the engine to clean itself out. When it does not clean itself out the carburetor will start to clog up. When the carburetor clogs up the exhaust will clog up. As a result to running a machine with low rpms you will have hard start problems.

Try and take the exhaust screen off your trimmer and adding 2 cap fulls of WD40 to your gas. Wd40 will help clean your carb and still give the lubrication your machine will need.

We have several redmax trimmers and do not have hard start problems.

Actually on this subject (WD40), does this solve a lot of the hand held carb problems, barring a completely fouled carb?

O I am sorry….I probably gave you to much information that you didn’t ask for….sorry
Very nice.
You will know it is working when you start to get hungry….it will smell just like a barbeque grill cooking some really good food….no joke :)
LOL thanks got an old stihl just sitting around. It was not running to well, I'll give it a try.

I liked your responses very informative and helpful I thought.
My attitude is very friendly and im always willing to help others, im kinda dissapointed.
Well in all fairness your response was rude enough to legitimize other sarcastic comments back (something about going around coming around).

The reason for the gaurd off is here in swfl the bottom of the propertys like to become over wet and you cannot mow over it or it will leave tire marks and tear it all up. The area is about 15x65-80 depending on the setup of the front lawn but on some propertys the back yard likes to get a pond wich is much much larger.
See here would be the problem, you asked a question were you did not give all the information to your situation. I still do not agree that a guard should be removed for any reason, but using the trimmer in the manner mentioned almost makes a little sense. I would not use it for regular trimming and would have a separate one for this purpose (again if I were to go this route although not sure I would).

I like to make my lawns look good not worst.
We all do, that's the point of coming to lawn site to learn and give advice. All to often it is hard to give advice on incomplete situations. Had you possible explained yourself further in first post or second one (although still most might not have agreed) responses would have been more helpful. Maybe some advice on a light mower good for such situation or other cutting practices.

You are obviously not the only SWFL LCO and others must have same problem what do they do, and what trimmers do they use?

South Florida Lawns seems to know his stuff, down there. Maybe he'll chime in.

Have a nice day and good luck.
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