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Line trimmer HELP PLEASE

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Ok so I have been using a 30cc Redmax 2 stroke and I can take the guard off and run that thing wide open with a ton of line. Well of course it still has the typical redmax problems so I wanted to buy a stihl but all three of the stihl dealers here have a diffrent opinion on what stihl will do the job. Please anyone tell me other than redmax wich can be run this way and it doesnt have to be just stihl I just like the product.
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It screws everything up not just those parts.

The fact of the matter is…don’t put down redmax because you have problems when you take the guard off… every single trimmer on the market is going to have problems down the road if you remover the guard…… is like putting 2 different size tires on the back of a rear wheel drive truck, eventually it will tear the transmission and rear end out of the truck
Ok I guess noones listening well enough, Redmax typical problems is what I said, If you know redmax you know of the starting problems. This was not a put down redmax section as I really like the product and I own plenty of redmax products, I need an equal to it..I dont care about warranty and I never asked about warranty so why would you even reply back with such a narrow minded answer? I need another line trimmer that someone is using with the guard off and is succesfull at running the line long, that is my ONLY question...
O I am sorry….I probably gave you to much information that you didn’t ask for….sorry

Stihl and shindowa
Thank you. No sarcasm intended but taken.
You've got a sorry-ass attitude; how old are you, 15?
Really? 15 no im 31. My attitude is very friendly and im always willing to help others, im kinda dissapointed. This is my new account as I forgot the info on my other account and Ive given many of you great advise. You sir have a poor attitude.

The reason for the gaurd off is here in swfl the bottom of the propertys like to become over wet and you cannot mow over it or it will leave tire marks and tear it all up. The area is about 15x65-80 depending on the setup of the front lawn but on some propertys the back yard likes to get a pond wich is much much larger. I like to make my lawns look good not worst. Again thank you for the responses this was a very informative section and I will make sure I keep my responses equal from this point on with all other questions asked in these forums.
Well in all fairness your response was rude enough to legitimize other sarcastic comments back (something about going around coming around).

See here would be the problem, you asked a question were you did not give all the information to your situation. I still do not agree that a guard should be removed for any reason, but using the trimmer in the manner mentioned almost makes a little sense. I would not use it for regular trimming and would have a separate one for this purpose (again if I were to go this route although not sure I would).

We all do, that's the point of coming to lawn site to learn and give advice. All to often it is hard to give advice on incomplete situations. Had you possible explained yourself further in first post or second one (although still most might not have agreed) responses would have been more helpful. Maybe some advice on a light mower good for such situation or other cutting practices.

You are obviously not the only SWFL LCO and others must have same problem what do they do, and what trimmers do they use?

South Florida Lawns seems to know his stuff, down there. Maybe he'll chime in.

Have a nice day and good luck.
I agree it was vague in explanation but was very clear in question form, and the first remark was about warranty. Its a huge problem here in florida. I run with the guard off for almost everything, its just what im acustomed too not that its right or better im just used to it. Again thank you for your responses.
The stihl FS100 (I think its FS or FX)is a good one. I have had it for about 5 years now. For the first year I ran it with the guard on and I was cool with that. One day it broke and I said I will run it until a rain day came then go get another guard. But in between that time I noticed that I fell in love with the damn guard being off for a number of reasons (easy to get in smaller areas, wider trimming swath, lighter on the front end, ect...). I never run it with the trimmer line too long, just a little longer than the guard allows. I still used that same trimmer today and it runs like a champ. I have taken the guard off all my trimmer now and wont put them back on. I know about the warranty and the trimmer slinging rocks and yadda yadda yadda. I personnally am willing to take that risk. Im not telling you to take off your guard, Im just telling you my experience and maybe this can help you make your decision.
But to answer you question the stihl 100 series is a good trimmer, but not sure how it compares to redmax because stihl is the only trimmer I have.
Thank you!!! Im heading in the right direction now. I agree with everything you posted, I wear pants most of the time so not to often I get rocks to the shins that hurt.
Wouldn't something like a Flymow work better for what Wheeler wants to do.

Personally I hate trimming a large area of grass for whatever reason. It always looks rough and uneven and I always scalp it in a few spots.
If you want to avoid scalping use gatorline twisted with the wire in the center. It makes an even cut and you cant tell if I mowed it or if I used the weed wacker. I would almost gaurentee you would change the way you think about weed eating.
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