liner pond in 100% clay

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by n2h20, Apr 2, 2008.

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    I do not run across clay backyards much around here.

    So some of you back east/Midwest may be able to help me.

    This pond is about 3.5 deep 1.5' of it being above ground. they used a cement block "frame" to get the height above ground. I installed the liner and coping was installed.
    There is a bottom drain.

    Everything was fine until and "abandon" sprinkler line was broke (Wednesday) and ran water all over the area we were working in. We filled the pond that day and returned Monday. Water only went down 1/2" in the pond which i am comfortable with.,,, splashing,, etc..
    we drained the pond to find that there was about 4" of water UNDER the liner. I broke the seal on the bottom drain to let the water leak into the pond and remove it. No more water. I sealed the bottom drain and returned yesterday to find that there was another 2" or so of water under the liner. repeated above process....

    My question is, with the pond being 1/2 above ground what is the worry that the hole will fill up with water in the rainy time and cause a problem?
    How do I remedy the water under the liner? there is no way to install a simple drainage line since the backyard is all flat. i thought of a French drain with a sump pump?

    any ideas?? thanks guys....
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    I will be more than happy to help you resolve the answer to your questions but there are a lot more questions i need to ask and many variables, if you want you can call me on my cell phone and i will be more than happy to talk to you. i'm in Connecticut, and my cell number is 860-982-6680. i have been specializing in ponds and water features for almost 10 years. hope to talk to you soon.
    trailsend water gardens.
  3. n2h20

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    no one else has any suggestions??
  4. mgugliotti

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    unfortunately, the answer to your question is not as simple and straight forward as it may seem, which is why i wanted you to call me and why no one else wants to take a stab at it and be wrong... building functional ponds is not just a matter of a hole in the ground... i charge contractors $100.00 an hour here to fix and solve their pond problems, i'm still more than happy to do it for you for free... but i can't answer your question with out having a discussion about your situation first... so my previous offer still stands. best of luck!
  5. n2h20

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    ill try to give you a call tomorrow... thanks for the offer..
  6. Fishwhiz

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    If the lot is flat, I assume the downspouts for the house go somewhere. See if they drop into a storm drain low enough to gravity feed with a french drain under your liner.

    You would likely only have trouble if you hit a shallow water table under pressure from higher ground. If the ground is "flat for miles" you should have enough head pressure with the above grade section of the pond. The under-drain is still simple and offers a lot of peace of mind.
  7. n2h20

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    i filled it up and collected the final payment.. i dont think there will be any trouble unless we get crazy amounts of rain...(in socal?? haha) and even then i think the weight of the water in the pond will push the other water out???

    thanks for the tips,,,

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