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Link to here from your site?


LawnSite Bronze Member
SE Pennsylvania
Was just wondering how many of you link to this site from your personal webpages. Just noticed a few people who are and I personally don't know if providing potential or actual customers to a place like this is the best of ideas.

Sure they can find it themselves, but why help them see our pricing and other issues. I don't have a site up yet, but I for one can say I won't link to this site. No offense Chuck, but I don't want my customers seeing some of the information on here as my prices are almost always in the higher price range and I don't want them to be confused with the prices in North Dakota. ;)

[Edited by Scraper on 12-19-2000 at 06:28 PM]

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
I link to this site, but I'm trying to attract members, not customers. :)


LawnSite Member
Ambler, Pa
I agree with you Scraper. I surely wouldn't want my customers visiting this web site for the same reason.

I understand Eric wanting more members also. This is quite a delema for Eric, a member is a member regardless of his profession. For those of us in the industry we would rather see more members related to this industry.

I think the members should be promoting this web site to the thier competition and landscape suppliers. The more our competition becomes educated as to pricing and business strategies. The better the industry will become. I know some of you are thinking thats nuts. But I think you would see smaller differences in estimates for both mowing and installs. Just a thought.