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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by BearWise Landscapers, Apr 1, 2010.

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    What are some ways that you have built up links to your website from other sites and things on the internet?

    I'm working on some different strategies for Search Engine Optimization. Feel free to shoot some ideas my way...
  2. wellbiz

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    I have been submitting my site to every local business directory I can find. This site has a listing of the popular local directories I am not affiliated with them in anyway. However, it is a nice free listing of the major directories local and otherwise you can submit your site too.

    Also you can submit to google, Yahoo and Bing local business listings.

  3. SurfaceMax

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    Most important 1st thing many people miss is to have a Google site map-instructions on the Google site but you really need a program to make one easily.
    Then links to your site from other sites in your area-like plumbers, painters, anybody else that does work on homes. Links from web sites that are RELEVANT to the type work you do are the most valuable. Sites that are just a bunch of links aren't nearly as good. The BBB for example is a good link but won't help your rankings like a link from an exterminator or someone else that provides "home" services (or commercial if you do commercial landscaping). Of course you give them a link back in return and it helps both of you. [
    B]But search engines are very smart these days.[/B] They even know where you are and where your "links" are and if they are in the same "category" of work you do. So they give those links the most "weight". Having too many links to sites that are not relevant can actually hurt you. The search engines ARE that smart these days. They factor in almost everything; including the location and category of work the people you exchange links with.

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