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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Newmans, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Just became a member! I am 19 year old college freshman on a track scholarship. I have little lawn experience besides maintaining our 3 acre lot, and houses here and there over the years .
    Ive been looking at Lawnsite for about a month or so now so ive seen alot of threads and figured I should become a member.

    -Links to threads that may help me out in any way would be apprectiated.

    here is a list of my main equipment that i figured i would add if ya care to read.
    STIHL Fs90r weed eater with edging gearbox attachment,
    Stihl BR350 blower,
    Husqvarna 700 push mower.
    -All were purchased around august-september. I made good money this summer in construction and have no rent or REAL bills... so i would put some away and bought these because I am a toy junky haha

    My father is a drywall contractor so we do have various other tools and do have experience with blueprints, metal stud framing, and Al kinds of construction trades throughout my short life so far haha I purchased yesterday (nov 12, 2013) an 6x12 enclosed trailer (not just for a lawn care, but i have literally wanted an enclosed trailer since 3rd grade when I raced bmx)

    Thanks for reading!
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    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.

    We can't help you out with links until you tell us what topics you might find helpful. I'd suggest reading the active threads, responding to the topics being discussed in those threads, using the search box in the upper right hand corner, and starting your own threads with your own specific questions. Good luck.

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