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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rbig, Jun 27, 2006.

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    Two questions:

    1. Got a K-532 which is driving me nuts. It's on a garden tractor/mower. I've always thought the core engine is sound. Awhile back, I started getting itermittent clouds of oil smoke while mowing at full throttle. Never happened before. It was always a good, strong runner. Took it to the big dealer shop recently and had them run a compression check and cylinder leakdown test on both sides. Compression was 120lb each cyl, and no leaks of any kind. This means no blowby, rings are good, valves are good, yadda yadda.

    I separated the crankcase vent line from the carb, and blocked off the carb throat crankcase breather attaching port. I just ran a short piece of rubber hose off on top the engine for the external crankcase vent.

    Went and mowed. Lo and behold, the oil burning has stopped.

    However, I've still got a gusher coming out of my crankcase. I'm exagerrating just a little, but there is what amounts to a small, steady stream of oil. My engine was covered.

    So, the first question is: what kind of sudden change would turn a docile crankcase situation into an aggressive oil pumper?

    2. Assuming I either can't or won't want to fix the primary cause of the problem, but would live with it if I can now tame the oil pumping thing down a bit.

    What kind of schemes are there to separate the oil from the crankcase gasses and keep the oil in the pan? Ideas appreciated.
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    It could be the crankcase breather filter stopped up allowing the crankcase to build up pressure and blowing oil out of the breather. This link will take you to
    the Kohler site where I've located the page for the crankcase breather.
    (You can download this manual for future reference, read it with Adobe Acrobat.)

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