Liquid Aeration

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by xtremelawn, Sep 4, 2011.

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    The advantage of the "liquid aeration" is that it is easy and cheap. And you don't need an aerator. You may have the chance to re-introduce friendly bacteria, mycorhizae or micronutrients. The correct fungi and actinomycetes cause the soil to form aggregates (clumps) improving tilth, aeration and infiltration.

    Here is the info on the perc test. Used to assess water infiltration rate. (Dig a hole, add water, and time how long it takes for the water level to drop two inches.)
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    The trick is...these fungi, bacterias etc. will grow naturally in a properly managed environment... the biggest problem we have with soil strcture is human stupidity...

    just sayin'... :)
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    :dizzy:Does my fridge light stay on when the door is shut:confused:
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    Does the Cerebral Cortex die when the mind goes to sleep and dream??? :confused:

    Remember the TV thing of "Welcome Back Kotter" and one of the Sweat-hogs always said, "I'm so confused."

    Fortunately, most things about our common existance are easily explained by common sense... plant life needs a lot of what we do... minus the emotional BS... :)
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    You are missing something.
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    ............... No. There is a good reason for infiltrometers ..... at least get a basic one of you need to determine that value.
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    Why don't you climb on inside and find out. :laugh:
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    A couple of years ago I experimented with a product called Turf 2 Max liquid aeration. While I had no scientific equipment to measure results or lack thereof, I could find or see no improvement in relief of soil compaction. It seemed to be "snake oil". Similar to many other products I see advertised. Overpriced and over rated. I think the price was so high because they knew you'd never be back to purchase more. Sounds great and looks great in theory but didn't seem to work in a real world situation. This was my experience.
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    It is supposed to build soil structure, by the activity of living organisms... most of what we do to lawns, is not only counterproductive to the plants themselves, but especially to the living soil... I imagine your CT bugs died shortly after the application... and if the snake oil included polymers, they were probably crushed into the wet clay by tractors/ztrs within hours of application....

    Cultural practices are so important, but we only want a quick-fix... maybe that is what I should call the new company... Quick-Fix Lawncare... of course it never works... :)
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    Oh well, I got the situation under control... puddled surfaces are now physically stirred up with compost and seed, and this will hopefully change the filtration enough at the surface to water the roots adequately...

    I believe puddled sufaces are worse than real thatch, don't you??? :)

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