Liquid Aeration

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by xtremelawn, Sep 4, 2011.

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    That depends on the soil you are dealing with.

    While thatch may exhibit some hydrophobic properties on initial wetting, it is not like a water proof barrier.
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    That is very true, becuz while aerating yesterday, I noticed that the soil plugs under the puddled areas were much drier that the plugs under the thatch areas... it wasn't always the case but generally so...
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    "A combination of nonionic surfactants that hydrate the soil and penetrate to provide deeper, more uniform water infiltration, Cascade Plus™ is used to prevent localized dry spot (LDS), correct hydrophobic soil conditions and provide firmer, faster playing surfaces under all conditions. "

    manual aeration is relaxing. i also get a sense of satisfaction behind an aerator pulling large cores.
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    Soil surfactants have been used for years on golf courses. I consult with several superintendents who swear by the results and use them to treat LDS. It seems to me that liquid aerators are just soil surfactants with a different target audience. KaPre Exalt by LidoChem is a new one that is getting rave reviews from superintendents and lawn care guys alike. Do we not want them to work so that we can protect our precious core aeration $$$$$ that comes around every Fall and Spring? I make good money core aerating as well, but I've seen great results with KaPre Exalt in some test plots, for what it's worth. I would like to see some long-term studies and tests done. Granted, KaPre Exalt, Cascade, etc. don't claim to erase the need for core aeration like Aerify does. Golf courses still aerate like crazy. But let's not throw cold water on the entire discussion without really knowing how these products perform in the field.

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