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Liquid Cooled Engine


LawnSite Member
Staunton Va.
I'm in the market for another Lazer mower. Received a really good price on a liquid cooled,60", 27 Kaw. Never owned one.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of being liquid cooled? Also does the added weight affect anything? 2003 model.


Manufacturer / Sponsor

I'll give my opinion. The liquid cooled Kawi is the best engine Kawi makes. It's a great engine with an excellant record of durability. Personally I don't have a problem with the weight because we just don't hear many complaints.

Added benefits of a liquid cooled engine are longer engine life, it's a quiter than an air cooled engine, less heat is transfered to the opperator and they tend to maintain a more consistant power band in both hot and cold temperatures. The disadvantages would include weight and cost but it's a pretty good trade off.