Liquid cooled Z's

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jkkalbers, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. jkkalbers

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    I've run a 27hp Kaw. liquid cooled Toro Z-master for 4 years now (about 1800 hrs it only get's used 3 days a week) and never see anyone in my area using them or nobody ever mentions having one on here. Just wanted to here people's thoughts about the pro's and con's of liquid cooled vs. air cooled and if anyone has used both types of machines do you think the extra money is worth it? Just wanted some feedback. Thanks
  2. mike9497

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    i like air cooled because there are less things that can go wrong on it.with the LC the fan could stop working.blow a line on someones lawn (seen that happen) over heat if theres blockage in a line or in the vents.damage to the radiator (hit a tree branch or back into something hard)the air cooled you just keep the fins clean.they run just as long as the LC. the LC do run alot cooler and seem to be more powerful.i have a 27 hp kohler air cooled and it runs okay for what i use it for
  3. brentsawyer

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    Good article about this in L&L June 02
  4. tyuslawncare

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    We bought a liquid-cooled diesel Grasshopper this spring. In the heat that we have down here we like the better cooling you get from l/c. We also like the diesel. Better fuel consumption and you can buy off-road fuel and saves the taxes.

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