Liquid Dimension vs WSP

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mngrassguy, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. mngrassguy

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    According to my supplier, liquid based Dimension is much more effective than WSP. He says it gets better coverage because of the smaller molecules. IDK :confused:
  2. rcreech

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    Don't know the comparison of liquid and a WSP...but from the data I just seen from OSU at the OTF...they say we should ONLY be using granular pre's unless watered in within a few days.

    Their data shown that the liquid Pre's just didn't hold up due to photdegredation and product not getting to the soil.

    It was amazing data. Night and day!

    With Dimension it was like 90%+ vs less then 30% after 180 days. That much differnent using the same AI...just liquid vs gran.

    Not sure if it would be the same in your area or not...but I know I am not going to use liquid!
  3. Grandview

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    I think your supplier is misinformed. First how much more effective is it suppose to be. Second both products will go into solution. Molecular size is not determined by formulation. Third your coverage is determined by gals/acre. the more gallons you use the better the coverage. Fourth is coverage really a concern when most dimension is put down with fertilizer which probably gives you less coverage than 5 gal/acre would. My experience is that coverage is not a problem with dimension/fert products. I have a BS in soils which required two years of chemistry.
  4. Marcos

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    Hmmm....That sounds like some sort of contrived marketing ploy to me.
    I'll bet ya he only handles liquid Dimension products, am I right?
  5. mngrassguy

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    Nope. He sells it all. Says that's what suppliers and applicators are telling him. Liquid is a lot moe expensive.

    Are you offering an opinion because you've used both?
  6. JDUtah

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    Can you post pdf's of both labels? The carrier is the important factor that determines molecule size/solubility/coverage... They might even be the same thing?
  7. mngrassguy

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  8. FdLLawnMan

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    I this in a paper that OSU did. That is very good information that needs to known by us. I have used Dimension in the WSP form for years and thought it would work better, guess not.
  9. rcreech

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    I have used granular dimension the last two years and havn't been exactly happy with it...but it has been more weather releted for me!

    We just had WAY too much rain early!

    I don't have a paper, but it was a talk put on by Dr Street at OSU. I will see if I can find some info on his talk.

    His main bring home for his talk was...GO FULL RATE and don't cut back. He said that the biggest reason for breaks is that we sometimes are on the low end of the range for application.

    Will let you know if I find something...but if not you may want to e-mail him and he can send you the info.
  10. Marcos

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    Personally, I've never cared much for liquid Dimension EC because the oil-based formulation stunk to high heaven.

    I understand that there's a new water-based Dimension 2EW.
    I'll have to scour for some pricing, and do the math sometime to see if this is cost-effective for me, vs. what I've been doing with the WSP for almost a decade now.
    I can't imagine it would make much if any difference, cost/acre wise.
    It sure as heck can't be any EASIER than WSP!

    We don't "blanket spray" Dimension, as a rule. Our established customers have turf that's easily thick enough to crowd out crabgrass & other annuals on its own.
    So we use limit the use of Dimension WSP to high-stress places like sidewalk and driveway edges, where homeowners tend to like to beat the bejesus out of the soil with their weed eaters every weekend. :laugh:
    And, as a result, we don't go through very much Dimension.

    Besides, every year we're getting more and more calls for corn gluten application for annual weed prevention.

    As far as "smaller molecules" are concerned, Grandview's right!
    Dimension IS Dimension.
    I'll be willing to bet that this guy has a personal sales incentive from DowAgrosciences to sell the new Dimension 2EW product.
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