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    I purchased a weed control and fert application business. The old owner basically taught me what to do. I am good with chemicals since my background is with structural pest control. I have a lack of knowledge with fertilizer though. I use 15-0-5 50% slow release 50% urea. I spray 2 gallons/ 1,000 sq ft of finished solution. I mix 2.5 gallons of liquid fert per 50 gallons of water as directed by the old owner. Am I using not enough fert? Should I switch to a different product? any suggestions would be great. In the fall I also add in 15-0-0 all quick release for winterizer.
    Any help thanks
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    from what you're saying I don't think you can even be putting close to enough fert. I can't see putting any less than 5 gallons per 50 gallons and that still would only put you at about 1/2 pound of nitrogen per 1000 sq ft, which is low.

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    So what you're saying is that I should be applying 1 pound per 1000 so increase to 10 gallons/ 50 gallons water. I am paying about $7.00/ gallon for the liquid fert from a local coop. Is that a good price to be paying? If not, what liquid products would I want, where could I get it, and how much does it typically cost. I have looked at lesco liquid prices and they seem through the roof . I don't want to get into dry fert, I like the ease of the all liquid.
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    I'm not sure we're talking apples to apples, it;s not making sense. I use 22-3-8 liquid fertilizer. I pay $1.75 per gallon for it. I use 8.5 gallons per acre which puts me at .66 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft. It almost sounds like by the price and the rate the former owner rec., yours is way stronger but don't understand how based on the numbers you gave.

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    Where do you get your fertilizer? Is it slow release?
    Mine is 15-0-5 with formolene plus by UAP out of greeley, co it says on the label.
    7.5 % is slowly available water soluble nitrogen from urea triazone solution.
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    Myers611, If I do my math right that is around $15.00 per acre or $0.35 per 1000 (roughly). Is that right? It seems very inexpensive
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    Exterminator--I estimate you are applying about a tenth of a pound of actual nitrogen per 1000 sqft. Too low. But higher concentrations run the risk of burning the grass--particularly in hot weather--and it would be very costly.

    Sorry, but the best option is to apply a top-quality slow release fertilizer using a hand spreader.
    apply about .75 lb of nitrogen. Use an organic blend if you want. Once done, go over it with herbicide in spring and fall.
    How many pounds of nitrogen per gallon in the product you purchase? What is your cost per pound of nitrogen? Per 1000 sqft?

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    in order to achieve 1lb n/1,000 sq ft I need 290 lbs. / acre or 6.6 lbs/1000 sq ft. it says that one undiluted gallon covers approximately 2,000 sq ft.

    15-0-5 with 7.5 % slow with formolene plus. Lable says to dilute 10 parts water to 1 part fert.
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    meyers611 will you tell me who your supplier is?

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    It is a local coop , why ?

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