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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by steve grubbs, Sep 7, 2011.

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    Most of my homes have simple fertilizer injectors we have been using this product in them for almost 20 years and it has evolved over the years but it was great when I found it and better now.
    Our water ph is about 8.2 out of the tap. This product buffers the salts it is a bridge so, well check out the site I need to get to the office,
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    For those of you who use dry/granular products and then mix them into liquid solution what kind of measuring devices or scales do you use?
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    I mixed by using full bags. As the water was easier to measure than the urea fert. 68 gallons of water to one bag of urea--but it varied depending on the temperature and your system would vary depending on your pump output and coverage per thousand sqft.

    For the potash I suggest measure once with a bathroom scales--marking a 5 gal bucket as to 10, 20, 30, and 40 pounds; after that use the bucket.

    Add herbicide to match the water used.

    Naturally, use Excel to print a fill chart and post it prominently. Cover in clear plastic. Additional fill charts for hot weather, and different herbicides.
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    Found a child size medical office scale at a flea market for $40. It is very accurate! I set the tare weight of a five gallon bucket at zero.
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    I know this is a old thread, but how did you guys do over the summer with the GMS? Anyone use it all season?
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    Great thread. I would love to try some type of liquid app since I do some early and late season blanket apps. I've just been a little scared to use my zspray due to burning. So I've stuck with a solid balanced granular program.

    But I've wondered if I could do .5-.75 lb N of liquid and since its foliage would be similar to a much higher granular rate.
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