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    Here are some pictures of a ballfield I maintain with foliar applied fertilizer. This field has received two applications... May and September. It's a 10-20-10 and applied @ 1.7 oz per K. That's 1.9 acres or 83k sqf. 1.1 gallons total per app. The cost? $9.40 per gallon. It will get 1lb of N in a dry app in October and that is all the feeding it gets. I'll foliar feed all day long @ that price and the myth that it does not last is just that... a myth.

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    :clapping::clapping: I have to say that I am totally freakin impressed. I have to ask you a couple of questions though...How are you able to apply at that low of a rate and get an even app(It would have to be some type of controlled mist)? Is that what you have on the front of your mower there? It seems like that would have to be an extremely concentrated mix to give and hold that much color. Do you not cause any burn,tip or otherwise? Last but not least, where do you get a mix that concentrated at such a low price???Do tell.........I am all ears.
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    I am very impressed as well. What I do see though, is not a nitrogen green. That is the kind of green from giving grass the right form, rate and ratio of micronutrients. Technically, my soils test moderate to high in iron. However, that iron is never available to the grass. If I want green, I had better be spraying iron, in addition to the NPK. It had also better be chelated.
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    So why is iron not available to your grass? pH issues???
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    1.7 oz = less than 1/8lbs...

    1.7 X 83 = 141.1 oz or 1.1 gal. just like you said...

    my problem is 1/10th of that 1.7 gal is N so your actual N app is .17 of an oz... so to just get the average 1/4 lbs app. you'd need to boost this app by 23 times as much... or your app of 1/23rd of a 1/4 lb/k is pretty awesome... :)
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    Growers Mineral Solution has been around for nearly 60 years, first developed for use in hydroponics and used in the Ag industry for years. My father was a dealer rep for them when we farmed using it on all our crops and pastures. When i started my business i did'nt like the prices i was seeing for dry fertilizers and remembered Growers and went from there.

    It must be applied in as fine of mist as possible... thus the shielded sprayer.

    It can be applied without the shielded sprayer but we have lots of wind so I prefer to keep it on target.

    It can burn if applied @ temps over 80 degrees and low humidity. Ideally you want humidity over 60%.

    I use teejet XR100015 tips @ 40psi.

    There is no iron or chelates added the only other step I did not mention is Calcium applied @ 10lbs per K in the form of Gypsum or Calcitic Lime.

    Foliar applied fertilizers do nothing to amend the soil, so soil fertility is key.

    That particular field tested around 3000lbs of Calcium per acre with only 2% available.

    I'm a sales rep for them but sell very little because i'm too busy using it. Send me a PM and i'll get you connected.
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    The actual recommended rate is 2gal per acre. I prefer using the least amount of product that gives results.

    When you foliar feed nearly 90% of the product is absorbed or efficiently used, as opposed to granules where as much as 70% can be lost through run off even if it's slow release.
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    Here's the analysis info.

    10-20-10, from Urea, diammonium phosphate, phosphoric acid, potassium hydroxide and other trace elements that are not listed.
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    Good point... :)

    Even though it may irritate Ted, I still prefer the ease of dry apps...
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