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    So in Canada where I live the spring cleanup is normally done in April then our season normally ends in September/October. It is normally 10-20 degrees from April to July then july to septemper around 20-35 degrees.

    I have researched other companies that are the big players where I live for fertilizing and I was suprised to find a few use only granular pelts and the biggest one uses liquid.

    My question which is the best. I have been doing granular fertilizing for a while now and it seems to be a bit expensive, if I went into it I wouldn't be making too much money from the prices I get currently for slow release fertilizer, Like scotts. Also it suggests that it could burn the lawn if it is 30 degrees or warmer for a week straight without any rain which is what seems to happen now. That is why I was suprised one of the companies only use granular.

    I thought that the best method would be to use a combination or just use liquid. Most of these companies do an application in April/May as a starter, June, July, August and one in September/October (winter fertilizer). The winter fertilizer I know I will be using granular.

    My question is what is the best way, for the april/may one be good to use a 30-0-4 to start of then have a product like 16-1-1 or 4-1-1 for the other months then apply a winter one? I was thinking liquid would be best as it doesn't require them to water it and if we dont get rain or is warm for us here it won't burn.

    Any help and questions would be nice from your neighbor from the north.:canadaflag:
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    Liquid is better for post emergent weed control. Liquid fertillizer is more likely to burn. Tib burn is common if the solution drys on the leaf blade. Granular is better--plus--you can get a higher ratio of slow-release nitrogen. In competent hands, granular will not burn, if applied according to directions. The slow release part is essentially non-burning.

    Shop around. Scotts is expensive and only about 17 percent slow-release. And you can always switch to an organic product: Screamin Green for instance in hot weather. For various products Barry (Phasthound) can explain the slow release properties, and the chance or likelihood of burn, if no rain or if temp hits 30 or above. Call him--he knows his stuff.

    Gosh northern neighbor, that is cold--you Canucks must be freezin em off--or--do you mean Celsius degrees?
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    Things are different now that weed/pest control with 2-4,D/Imidacloprid is banned from being used. In the large Skid Mounted Spray Tanks they used to be able to mix fert and weed control or pest control together and do 2or3 applications in 1 pass.

    These guys are using granular more often now. There is no available weed control option at this time for any type of spray tank. Sarritor is spread by hand or spreader or backpack unit. Fiesta is spread by Backpack sprayer or possibly RideOn Sprayer. Corn Gluten is spread by spreader.
    Liquid Corn Gluten and Beet Juice Extract are not registered Weed Control Products here.

    Liquid doesn't last as long in the lawn as does Granular with slow release.
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    I meant celcius. Some reason I had the notion that liquid would be better since it doesn't have to be watered in. A product I found is 4-1-1 for liquid and won't burn the lawn and you can apply it as often as you would like. But would that mixture even be benefitial?
    I had that notion since one of the big companies in canada sprays but a few only use granular as well.
    Sarritor and Fiesta do you know where I can get a a supply of that. The Fiesta I tried contacting someone but the price seemed really outrageous. If I'm just starting up what would you suggest for fertilizing then:
    Spring (31-0-4)
    June/July/August (16-3-3 or something similar? would 4-1-1 liquid be okay?)
    Winter (Winter fertilizer pellets)

    How would I use something to control the weeds or would I just spot spray? For the blanket spray or fertilizer if I did that would I just use that instead of using a normal fertilizer then, so use a spring one, blank spray, normal spray, blank spray then winter fert?

    I'm just worried that even slow release fertilizers when it is 30 celcius out that it will burn as most say it needs to be watered if it is that warm for a week straight. Would natural products be burn free then?
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    Ok--Canada, I understand Celsius temps,eh? In hot weather liquid will burn if not watered in (even if the salesman says otherwise). 4-1-1 is very low analysis, 96 percent water. Did you plan to use it without adding water? For highest quality, use a good slow release granular product. 25 percent of N as slow release is good--50 percent would be better. Less surge growth, longer-lasting, less likely to conatminate surface or ground water. Apply your weed control separately for best results. Spot spray in between when doing granular treatments. Most dry products that I have used do not need to be watered-in. I am thinking that most organic products are non-burning, even if not watered-in , ICT Bill can explain why. And may have bacteria or humates or something that might be helpful.
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    Thanks, The thing with weed control using it as a granular the ones I head read, pretty much if its not a liquid the grass/weeds have to be wet so it sticks to the weed and getts absorbed by it.
    So if i'm using granular for the blanket should that be liquid then or do I just have to wait until it has rained, I know other companies dont do that. So they just put down the pellets without it being wet, isn't that ineffective?
  7. RigglePLC

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    The best companies use liquid weed control twice per year. They use granular fertilizer 5 times per year. And then apply a liquid blanket weed control immediately after the granular. They spot spray after the granular treatments when not applying a blanket liquid weed control after the granular.
  8. BeetJuice Question

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    Beet Juice burnt the lawn and on the patio stones the beet juice stained them. Does anyone know if there is an application for the lawn to assist it in growing back.
    Also with the patio stones is there a solution to get the stain off?
  9. Ric

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    Talking in Third Person almost as obnoxious as a Cheap Canadian Tourist in Florida not tipping. Yes there are several different ways to remove stain from Patio pavers. The trick is to not poison the soil or discolor the pavers. But I am not giving the answer to some one who has to talk in third person.
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    Who in the heck is sprayin' "beet juice" :confused:

    Most folks I know don't even like "beets" :laugh:

    Like everybody else has said, "granular" fert is usually best. "Liquid" herbicide is the only way to go. :usflag::canadaflag:

    I figure there's an Agrium rep near Edmonton..... I'd ask for his advice. They sell all kinds of granular & liquid fert plus most pesticides.
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