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  1. HayBay

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    Canada is all messed up with Pesticides right now.

    The activists have peaked with their tactics. Its all downhill now.

    Dow has dropped the lawsuit against Quebec (the 1st Province in Canadian to Ban Pesticides based on a Precautionary Principle they made up)
    The reason is, Quebec announced that 2,4-D can be used safely.
    All Provinces started banning 2,4-D because Quebec said it caused cancer.
    Now Quebec rescinded their statement, making all the Pesticide Bans Invalidated, which were based on Health, Safety and Environmental Reasons.

    It will be a matter of time before 2,4-D or an alternate Synthetic product gets placed back into the market for us.

    In the mean time, people are mixing listerine, soap and water to kill weeds
    Rusting nails in a bucket for 2 weeks and then applying it to their lawns to kill weeds
    Beet Juice Extract
    Hand Picking
    and any other idea they get off the internet
    Its a total mess
    Many are going to the USA and buying 2,4-D and sneaking it back.
    There will eventually be legal action, alot of Activists and Alternative Product Manufacturers will be charged for lying/fraud.
    Cancer Society, David Suzuki, Municipal Councilors, Provincial Ministers.

    Agrium is selling the crap too, they always have been. Sarritor for example.
    Listening to Canadian Ag reps like that guy Brian talk about how great Fiesta is on this site and he has never even used the stuff, that needs to stop.
    This sites credibility is getting worse and worse in the Organic Section. Not like the old days here.
  2. nocountryjon

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    we can still use 2-4D in the great province of Alberta
  3. nocountryjon

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    Do yourself a favor and talk to a university about the best program for our area 4-1-1 isnt the way to go nor 16-3-3... Remember all though we can use 2-4d it is illegal here to combine fert and herbicide. It is also illegal to blanket spray herbicide. Go find the best program that fits our area i cannot stress that enough if you dont you will be wasting your time and your customers time oh and your money. I also recommend Granular works great for me! Good luck and go flames.:waving:
  4. HayBay

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    Your right, some provinces dont have a ban yet and hopefully never will.

    Nobody cares that Cell Phones are grouped as Possibly Carcinogenic.
    Especially the vulnerable children and pregnent women.

    But they are all worried about 2,4-D that is Grouped as No evidence to Carcinogenicity.

    Now back to killing weeds with my new mind control technique.
  5. nocountryjon

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    i feel bad for you guys out east. Ive heard that corn gluten meal doesnt work ive never used it so how do you guys go about killing weeds.
  6. HayBay

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    Its called Chemical Mowing or Weed Suppression now, no more Weed Control

    We spray it with Fiesta, 2 weeks later the weeds are back.
    For Gravel Walkways, Driveway, etc... we use Finalsan. Spray it and 2 weeks later it grows back. Repeat until the year ends.

    At 3 to 10 times the price and 4 to 8 visits per year.

    We used to visit 2 -3 times per year with the banned products.

    We are not saving the environment or human health, people cut their lawn every 3 days thinking that cutting the head of the dandelion off will stop them from growing.

    To treat 1000 sq feet with 2,4-D you used 30 ml of product
    To treat 1000 sq feet with Fiesta you use about 300-400 ml of product

    Once Dalton Mcguinty is voted out in October things will change. The liberals made a big mistake listening to unfounded claims.

    Bethpage and Marthas Vineyard are both using chemicals on their golf courses in the USA. People think they are organic.

    Corn Gluten is losing ground. Its a fertilizer thats about it. The rats love it.

    If the Canadian Cancer Society shows up in your town to ban pesticides, make sure you attend the meeting and question them on their scientific findings. They are all discredited journal reviews. Growing Body of Evidence my A*ss
  7. lilmarvin4064

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    I can't seem to find a comprehensive list of banned active ingredients. All I've seen is a ban on phenoxy (herbicides). Can you use-


  8. HayBay

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    Non of those are allowed.

    They do not have a banned list per say. Class 8 is basically the products that can be used for golf and farming but banned for lawns. Those products you mentioned would be in the Class 8 list.

    What we go by is the Class 11 list now.
    It is an allowable list, we can only use whats on the list.

    There are products that fall between categories Class 9, like Roundup (glyphosate)
    You can use these products for health and safety reasons, e.g. poison Ivy, Hogweed.
    But not for patios and walkways.

    Homeowners buy the Roundup at any local store and use it off label. No enforcement.

    You drive down the road and roundup is used around everyones trees and driveways and even lawns to kill weeds. Commerical property owners even go out and apply roundup with no consequences.

    When the Licensed applicator uses products wrong, they do random tank tests, they get fined $12,000 plus victim surcharges.
  9. Ric

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    I feel for you guys because Obama and the Liberals want to F up the USA just like Canada is F up. But no matter how sorry I feel, I still don't want Canadians coming to Florida and driving the good tourist away. Try Cuba next winter, they are socialist/Communists just like you.
  10. HayBay

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    Ric, "You" as in the Canadians that are in power at the moment. I think that is what you are saying.

    I am in no way a socialist/communist.

    We are working on changing that attitude here. The Conservatives are taking over, everyone is sick of listening to the Whiners.

    I think the biggest problem is twitter (worldwide) and people who cannot find the time to read in order to learn.

    They all want to be tweeted their options within 144 characters.

    I was hoping that if I did decide to come down to Florida one day I'd be invited to meet up with you.

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