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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by skrats, Nov 14, 2002.

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    i will be taking classes on fertlizer and pesticide app. this next month and i was just thinking ahead. will i need a liquid sprayer in the spring apps because i will be looking at the spreaders for a ztr and i dont know if will have enough money for all the equipment to start off in the spring. also i live in IN and i think the only pesticide app would be for grubs :confused: would i need a license to do this. i know i will find this out when i go to the class but i thought i would like to know what you guys thought
    thanks for the help
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    Hi Skrats,

    The lisence will allow you to treat with granular & liquid, any pest encountered in turf. Broadleaf & grassy weeds with pre & post emergent herbicides. Grubs, Nematodes, & surface dwelling insects. Fungal turf & plant diseases. A whole schmorgasboard (spelling?) of problems may be addressed with registered pesticides.

    I feel a new business would do well to control investments in new equipment until the sales are there to pay for it & make a profit. Once you pass the exam, try to calculate the financial cost of implementing the newly offered services against the revenue it will generate over a 1, 2, & 3 year period. Try to control the growth within that period so as to not over extend the business capitol.

    Technically, a sprayer will make life a lot easier particularly where controlling broadleaf weeds and fungal turf diseases are concerned. Grubs are eaily contolled (usually Merit or Mach2) by either liquid or granular. Whatever works best for your lawn care program & local agronomic needs. But most get by the first year or two with just a good backpack sprayer to supplement some granular weed control products (which are limited by timing requirements).

    Hook up with a soild supplier & the local ag. exp. station folks and your course instructor(s) to find out what other good companies in your area are doing & why. You might want to enter your postal zip code into our website & see about meeting the folks at our nearest store (if there is one). Tell them I sent you. They'll know what the locals are doing.

    Good Luck


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