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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by humble1, Jun 30, 2008.

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    For the guys that spray-- DO you use lesco? Is there a higher % micro mix with FE than lesco? think i have a 2 or 3 FE

    If you go higher rate is there any neg impact . Like double the N is like pouring gas on the lawn. Or if i use it several times a year?

    Also sulfer in the micro blend ?, up here we have acidic soil other places in the country have more alkaline and I think you guys would use Sulfer to bring it down right? Is there any benfit to using sulfer here up north?
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    Lesco's 12-0-0 Iron Plus works well. It has 6% Fe, and yes it has Sulfur as well. Their Micro Mix works well also,for the right situation.

    What are you trying to accomplish???

    You should spend some time to learn what the Plants/Turf need. This will take some STUDY TIME, of the "Elements" plants need from the "Soil" and WHY.

    Yes Sulfur will cause an acidifying effect in the soil, as it Converts to Sulfate, which is then available to Plants in that form.

    Remember that for every 10 Lbs of Actual Nitrogen, the plant will need 1 Pound of Sulfur.

    Hope this stimulates some intrest is looking up the 16 elements plants need from soil, and what each one is for.

    Without Sulfate in soils with Low Organic Matter, grass would not get very green....Even Northern Areas need S.

  3. humble1

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    Thanks Pete, my customer wants it greener than what it is, but wont pay for a soil test, i thought i could spray some micros on w/ maybe a biostimulant as a supplemental application. The lawn was very poor in color, i put fert w/ 2Fe and bamm in one week. He wants it even greener, I was questioning what would be a neg of over appling, other than leeching out.
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    You can be pretty liberal with Fe. When I lived in Seattle people would use it to kill moss - and lay down so much their lawns were nearly black for a few weeks! But it didn't damage the grass.
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    You need to be careful with applying micro's. At a seminar that I attended this past winter a very knowledgeable professor said he has seen much more damage from excess micro's than from the plants not having enough. Fe is one of few micro's that can be over applied without damage. Honestly, if the customer wants his lawn greener but won't pay for a soil test, I would tell him to find someone else. I would think the soil test is way cheaper than the application of the micro's.
  6. humble1

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    I shouldnt say he wouldt pay for it, his opinion was he didnt need a test.

    I might just eat the test so i can see what its lacking, its a $600 per application account, next week when i do my merit app it will be an additional $600 so i will be getting $1200.00 I havent even reccomended the aeration yet, so i can just eat the test i guess.
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    Tell me how many sq feet AND gallons per 1,000.

    Do you use a "Gun" or a "Wand"?

    And tell me this client has irrigation (hope he does). We have 80's temps here in Jersey, and I bet you are cooler in Mass.....This is good for the Mix I will give you.

    I will reply with a "MIX" that will make super green for a month.

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    Check out

    I pay around $15 for the full test. You mail the sample and get results via email in maybe 4 days. On a 1200 dollar job I would just include it.
    Good luck.
  9. heritage

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    I sent you a PM.

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