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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by JoJo1990, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. JoJo1990

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    What are you liquid guys applying for your organic rounds? I liked Aggrand until I saw it contains P which we are not allowed to apply in MN unless a tissue or soil sample shows a deficiency. It seems hard to find some products I can put in my skid that don't contain P so I'm open to any ideas on what you guys like. I should specify I'm looking for something with N and K along with micros.

    Yes, I know about applying compost and have a plan to supplement with CT as well, along with an aeration and overseeding regimen.

  2. jonthepain

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    for micros I add Aggrand kelp to my CT ( 0-0-8 )
  3. Candrews

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    I like PHC BioPak Plus 3-0-20. natural based with 7% chelated iron, micronutrient with beneficial bacteria.
  4. JoJo1990

    JoJo1990 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks, I also took a look at some of their other products. Do you have jet or mechanical agitation in your tank? Does that powder mix into a solution easily or does it need constant agitation?
  5. Candrews

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    It mixes pretty well but I would agitate frequently to prevent settling. I prefer mechanical agitation this works better with the PHC for Trees with the slow release nitrogen. I inject for tree fertilization.
  6. Marcos

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    Dark molasses is a real nice tank mixer. No, not a whole lot of N or P there. But loads of K, as well as invert sugar to serve as food for microbes.

    Rural grain dealers typically will sell this in bulk by the pound, especially if you bring them your own reusable & easily sealable bucket or jug.
    Just make sure you're not buying molasses already pre-mixed with oil-based vitamins targeted by many of these dealers to mix with oats, etc for sale as livestock feed.

    Don't let this sit in solution over the weekend. You'll develop a nasty molasses wine!

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