Liquid spot treatment for weeds prior to fertilizing?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CK82, May 28, 2008.

  1. CK82

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    I currently, spot treat for weeds with Surge, prior to fertilizing with a broadleaf weed control. I have a few questions for you vets, Should I waste the time and money to spot treat prior to fertilizing with a (trimec) broadleaf weed control? It seems like I get poor weed killing results from using the granular application alone. I have been using a back pack spray for most of my lawns under 15k, but this still takes ages if there are a lot of weeds present. Any recommendations here?? I also treat a few large business, so far only with the granular products.
  2. somo1

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    Remember that anytime that you use a combo product that is a granular the lawn has to be wet or damp. This allows the herbicide to stick to the weed. Herbicides for the most part are contact use only and don't work once they reach the ground. So yes spot spraying is more effective then using a combo product that is applied at the wrong time. Routine spot spraying will effectively cure your weed problems, unless its a new customer. Then blanket spray the lawn for time/cost effectiveness.
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    I rarely use a weed and feed fertilizer. I usually get worthless results (yes I apply it when its damp, etc.). I only spot spray weeds with Speedzone or Surge in summer. I get great results and customers are happy that I don't broadcast weed and feed. My lawns are under 10,000 sq feet.
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    I also back pack all my yards. My yards are all under 10,000 so the back packs are good enough for me. New yards suck, but once you get the weeds under control it goes pretty smooth. I usually do around 4 yards per hour. Weed n Feeds are for homeowners.

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