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    I am new and have been out doing business for awhile a getting really good results with what I have been doing but am interested in getting into more commerical contracts.

    Here is my questions

    What is the average going rate (regardless of your area of the country)
    Square Footage Pricing?
    Acre Pricing?
    Minimum Trip Charge?
    On package deals how much are you discounting for a volume spray deal from your normal one time spray charge?
    And if you include an average package spray price does this include a insect barrier spray?
    One last question how much do most companys charge additional for the insect barrier/foundation spray?

    Thanks in advance,
    All your help is appreciated.
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    The independent Sugar Cane farmers of Louisiana have been growing Sugar Cane in the Mississippi Delta for over 150 years and have YET to Fertilize.

    US Sugar of South Florida starts each year with 500 lbs of Sulfur per acre and go from there.

    Each area of the country, even each area of a county, have Different needs and Therefore Different programs.

    I might get $ 12.50 a thousand per round in Florida and a guy in New Jersey may only get $ 5.00 a Thousand and make more margin.

    There is no national average that you could actually use to compare your pricing. Look at your Local guys and what program they offer as well as the Price for comparison.

    The only way to price effectually is Cost Plus. Select a program that best fills your customers needs and then Cost it out including Labor, overhead and profit margin. Compare that price to your competitors and see if you are in the Ball Park.

    Good Luck

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